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NASCAR and FOX are spineless

Screen Shot 2013-04-13 at 8.10.29 PMI have had a busy week, but I sat down to watch the NRA 500 at Texas Motor Speedway tonight. After all, if you read the “About me” on this blog, you know that I love NASCAR and I love my firearms! During the race I was talking to my fellow 2nd Amendment supporters on Facebook and Twitter – and one of them told me that NASCAR has decided to alienate their main fan base by suggesting they do not support the NRA Sponsorship of the Texas race tonight.  I looked it up and sure enough – ESPN had the story.

NASCAR plans to become more involved in race-sponsorship decisions by speedways in light of the continuing controversy surrounding the National Rifle Association’s sponsorship of the Sprint Cup race Saturday at Texas Motor Speedway.

“The NRA’s sponsorship of the event at Texas Motor Speedway fit within existing parameters that NASCAR affords tracks in securing partnerships,” said NASCAR spokesman David Higdon. “However, this situation has made it clear that we need to take a closer look at our approval process moving forward, as current circumstances need to be factored in when making decisions.”

Let’s try to keep all this in perspective, NASCAR Nation. Saturday’s NRA 500 at Texas Motor Speedway is just another Sprint Cup race — one that you likely won’t want to miss, writes David Newton.  In some respects, this weekend at TMS has become more about politics than racing for the NRA 500, as the sponsorship coincides with the current national gun control debate to become the prevailing storyline.

Democratic Sen. Chris Murphy of Connecticut wrote to News Corp. chief Rupert Murdoch asking the Fox network not broadcast Saturday night’s race because of the NRA sponsorship. TMS president Eddie Gossage and Speedway Motorsports Inc. chairman Bruton Smith answered questions regarding Murphy’s request and the NRA sponsorship Friday. Gossage said it would be the only time they would address the topic.  Read more here.

Screen Shot 2013-04-13 at 8.10.56 PMI watched the race, and NASCAR on Fox also decided to minimize the coverage.  The camera angles barely ever showed the giant painted logo at the start finish line, there was a mention here and there, but not like normal.  I also heard that the NRA did not “Purchase the TV package.”  Well, that may be true, but to avoid some of the painted logos, the camera men would have to be under specific orders to avoid showing them.

I am disappointed in FOX Sports, I am sick about NASCAR abandoning their fan base.  In the words of one of my favorite country songs, “You have to stand for something or you’ll fall for anything.”

There are still 7 laps to go.  I think I will turn it off.

Laserlyte Zombie Pistol Bayonet Review

Are you a fan of the Walking Dead on AMC?  Well, I had a little fun with this review over on WeLikeShooting.com.  Who wouldn’t like to have a Zombie Killing Pistol Bayonet on the end of their XD?  If you are out clearing the woods of zombies, and run low on ammo – this little guy will do the trick!  Like Col. Jeff Cooper says “The purpose of the pistol is to stop a fight that somebody else has started, almost always at very short range.”  If you are in extremely close range, and the ammo runs low – this bayonet may get you out of a sticky situation. Granted, I would not advise anyone to depend on such an implement without training in knife fighting.  Does anyone hold classes on how to properly utilize a pistol bayonet? **giggle** Perhaps a niche market is open, ripe for growth.  Ha! Now, I do not know if LaserLyte created this bayonet as a serious weapon or some type of novelty.  You know, that stocking stuffer for the “gun-guy who has everything”? I will tell you this, even if it was just for fun – they created a very strong knife please go read the whole review and watch my zombie killing video – if you are not of weak constitution!

Laserlyte Zombie Pistol Bayonet Review.

Groupon chose to be part of the problem rather than a solution

Screen Shot 2013-01-22 at 3.52.45 PM

Idea: Print out the Groupon Logo and use it at the range for target practice. If anyone asks why, tell them what Groupon has done and encourage them to spread the word.

Thank you Groupon, you have just become part of the problem. They announced that due to pressure from gun-control advocates, they have canceled all gun-related deals in North America. Read more here. What is the goal of gun control if it is not to “force” gun owners to be responsible? All the politicians and people on the side of increased gun control say they are not interested in taking away the 2nd Amendment rights, they just want to take away what they call assault rifles.

I do not want to talk about AR-15s right now, I want to talk about firearm training and time spent at the range. I do occasionally use a Groupon deal to go to a winery, a pedicure, a new dinner experience – you get the picture. My Groupon has never offered me firearms training, or a day at the range, but if it had – I am likely to have taken the deal. I am sure that ranges and firearms instructors used Groupons to drum up business.  They may have gotten someone who ALREADY has a gun to the range to practice, so they are less likely to make a mistake. They may have taken a class where they learned numerous safety lessons they would not have learned anywhere else.  Groupons occasionally have great deals and people who could not afford a firearms class might have been able to attend one, if only Groupon had not gone spineless.  Well done Groupon, with an already failing business model, It does not seem prudent to turn away a customer.  Well done.

Chris Rock weighs in on gun laws – Again

Screen Shot 2013-01-09 at 4.59.41 PMChris Rock once said that “guns should be made available to anyone, but that bullets should cost $5,000 a pop.”

Today he updated the line: He suggested that only those who have mortgages should be allowed to own guns.

“The gun lobby. . .says people need to be able to protect their property, but every mass shooting is done by guys who live with their mother.”

“So I believe you should need to have a mortgage to buy a gun. A mortgage is a real background check.”

He is just another celebrity who loves to tell us how to live while he lives in his glass house (no doubt with armed protection.)  At least he did get something right, he pointed out that the mass shooters are not the same as everyone else, though he was sarcastic.  He sees the same thing the “Gun Lobby” sees, there is a certain kind of person who commits these extreme mass killings, and that is a person who is mentally unstable.  Let’s find those people and perhaps we can actually keep nightmares like Columbine and Sandy Hook from happening in the future.

How Does Stored Ammunition React in a House Fire?

Screen Shot 2013-01-08 at 9.39.20 PMIf you are a firefighter or if you just have ammunition stored in your house – this is a very interesting video. It was created by the Sporting Arms and Ammunition Manufacturers’ Institute, Inc. (SAAMI). Go to their website here.  Those of you who are very knowledgable about firearms and ammo will not be surprised (or maybe you will), but those who have less understanding about firing process might have your eyes opened on this one.  It is rather long – but extremely educational!

Happy New Year! Let’s Make 2013 a Great Year!

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

Get the Word Out: Details on Feinstein’s Assault Weapon Legislation Here!

Forward this photo to all your friends - get the word out! (Click for easier to read .pdf version)

Forward this photo to all your friends – get the word out! (Click for easier to read .pdf version)


Feinstein’s Bill will ban further production of all firearms with detachable magazines.  This includes pistols with detachable magazines.  This includes that cute little pink .22 rifle you just bought for your daughter this Christmas.  What if you already have them?  Well – you can keep them, IF you register them in accordance with the National Firearms Act (NFA), the same as automatic weapons and suppressors are registered and controlled today.

If you do nothing – if you think, “This will never happen,” you will wake up with the wolf at your door, ready to collect your weapons, ready to make you a felon for not Federally registering your currently legal guns.  CLICK HERE TO WRITE CONGRESS!

How long does it take to get your CURRENTLY LEGAL gun registered through the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms (ATF) in accordance with the NFA?  Here is a quote from ATF’s own website:

The sheer volume of applications submitted for ATF review has dramatically increased in recent years. In fiscal year 2005, for example, ATF processed 41,579 NFA applications of all types. By FY 2011 that number had increased to 105,373, with a 25% decrease in the number of NFA examiners available to process the work. Currently, ATF’s customer service goal is to process an Application to Make and Register a Firearm (Form 1) and an Application for Tax Paid Transfer and Registration of a Firearm (Form 4) within 6 months of ATF’s receipt of a correctly executed application.

Keep in mind, they are talking about current times.  When people attempt to register 300 Million guns, this number will increase dramatically.  It will take a year or more.  Oh, did you notice the line about “correctly executed application”?  Don’t dare make a mistake, or you will start all over.

How much will the ATF tax cost when your registration is approved:

Screen Shot 2012-12-30 at 1.50.45 PM

From the ATF’s FAQ portion of their official website

Yes, $200.00 per weapon that must be registered.  What will you have to register?  Everything that is newly banned, anything with a detachable magazine, anything with a thumbhole stock, anything with one military characteristic, anything that holds more than 10 rounds, detachable or not, anything with a flash suppressor, even California Legal AR-15’s with bullet buttons will be included.

Will someone out there please tell me what kind of evil a thumbhole stock is?  Wait – what about a flash suppressor?  I would love to know.

How many guns do you have?  If you have:

  • a hunting rifle, (maybe two so your spouse or kids can go too.)
  • a .22 rifle for your kids, or squirrel hunting
  • a 9mm pistol
  • a .22 pistol because they are so fun (and cheap) to take to the range

You will have to come up with $1000.00 to keep them all.  For many people in rural areas, the guns I listed are an average family’s gun inventory.

All that, and two years after the ban, we will still have mass shootings, we will still have mass casualty events.  Why?  Because insane people and criminals will still find ways to hurt people.  The Criminals WILL NOT register their weapons.  Don’t you get it – they are CRIMINALS!!  So, once again, the good, law-abiding citizens will be the ones to pay, and I do not mean just with money.  They will pay with blood, when they cannot protect their families, or when something worse comes along like “Government Tyranny” as stated in the Constitution.

This proposed legislation is NOT to be taken lightly.  We need every single person who even considers that someday they will want a gun – of any kind – to act.  Write your Congressmen and women today!!!

Interactive Map Of Self Defense Stories Using Firearms

Each point represents a news story where guns were successfully used for self defense.

Each point represents a news story where guns were successfully used for self defense.

Do you need a resource to show how many lives were saved recently because someone was armed? Click on the photo of the map above, and you will be taken to the interactive version.  The folks at Gunssavelives.net and Equalforce.net have a ton of information for you to browse.  Whenever there is a shooting of any kind, the media will then connect the story to other violent shootings and will even connect stories that are not similar in any way, except the violence was delivered with a gun.

How would the perception of guns change if the media took the stories from this link and connected them, reported them non-stop?  These stories of real people using guns for self-defense are available in the media, how do you think Equalforce.net is getting the information?  The media at large is simply choosing NOT to report these stories.  Much like they didn’t choose to make Nick Meli a hero, even though the shooter at the Clackamas Mall in Portland may have saved dozens of lives.  Thank you to “Concerned Citizen” who was good enough to share this information with me!

What Is a Semiautomatic Gun?

Springfield XD45

Hello, I am Lil Chantilly, and I own a semiautomatic handgun. Because some members of the media, Bob Costas included, have a difficult time with the definition of semiautomatic, I thought I would present a lesson for them.  Most of the people who read my blog already understand the difference between automatic, semiautomatic, and single shot.



I decided to go straight to a source most people recognize as authoritative, the Dictionary.  I found the following at Dictionary.com:

Pay particular attention to the line, “requiring a squeeze of the trigger for each shot”.  This means that on my semiautomatic Springfield XD45 pistol, I cannot just hold the trigger and then all the rounds will fire in succession.  It means that for my semiautomatic pistol, I must pull the trigger, recover back on target, and then pull the trigger again.  It takes practice and skill to do that quickly, but no matter what – you must pull the trigger for every single bullet that exits the gun.

What are some examples of semi-automatic weapons?  The pistol at the top of this article is a semiautomatic .45 Caliber pistol.  It is a Springfield XD45.  Speaking of that – the same gun is at the top of this page in my main webpage design. I own a gun that fires one round at a time.

This is a Glock 26, it is semiautomatic, it fires one round with each pull of the trigger:

This is a Smith and Wesson M&P, it is semiautomatic, it fires one round each time the trigger is pulled:

Here is an AR-15, all dolled up for a lady.  Even this rifle is semiautomatic, it fires one round each time the trigger is pulled:

At Wikipedia.com, they have a good paragraph that really explains what semiautomatic means:

“A semi-automatic, or self-loading firearm is a weapon which performs all steps necessary to prepare the weapon to fire again after firing—assuming cartridges remain in the weapon’s feed device or magazine. Typically, this includes extracting and ejecting the spent cartridge case from the weapon’s firing chamber, re-cocking the firing mechanism, and loading a new cartridge into the firing chamber. Although automatic weapons and selective fire firearms do the same tasks, semi-automatic firearms do not automatically fire an additional round until the trigger is released and re-pressed by the person firing the weapon.” 

Many media personalities discuss automatic weapons and semiautomatic firearms interchangeably.  To the millions of gun owners in the country, the media sounds ignorant.  To those who are afraid or lack understanding because they were not lucky enough to have a good mentor take them to the range, or hunting, or target shooting outdoors so far in life – the media may sound correct, and the stories they spin may sound scary.  If I thought that every person with a gun was going to kill someone and that we all likely had automatic weapons, and because someone’s neighbor’s music was too loud, if I thought they planned to solve that argument with a gun – I would be scared as well.

I do own a semiautomatic pistol, I know A LOT of people who do, and they are all good honest Americans who love this country, would never hurt a soul (except to protect their own life or the lives of their family).  When you hear the media talking, actually listen to the words they say, really consider the meaning behind those words, and decide for yourself if that person is knowledgable enough about the topic to continue listening.  If they are not, turn them off.  Eventually, they will have to educate themselves.

Think for yourselves, all of this is too important to be sheep.


College Kid with Guns is NOT the Worst Thing About This Story

Here in San Diego, a few weeks ago, a 20 year old college student was stopped by police as he came out of a CVS Pharmacy. The Police were doing an underage drinking sting operation, and David Robert Moore III walked out of the store carrying alcohol. The police followed him and watched him open the trunk of his car. The report on KFMB News 8 said that he had several “Military Grade weapons, including a modified sniper rifle” inside his trunk. Additionally, in the video, you will hear one someone from the San Diego Police Department say that David Moore had several “Assault” style rifles.

In the video, several random college students were also interviewed, and they all gave similar opinions about how horrified they were that this kid had guns in his trunk.

San Diego, California News Station - KFMB Channel 8 - cbs8.com

The video reporter also said that a POSSIBLE explosive substance was found, it was tested, but no results have been released. The reporter took the video of the guns to a gun range and asked for details about the types of weapons. The person at the gun range said David Moore might get in trouble for the detachable magazine on one of the rifles (I assume he meant that it should have had a bullet button, but may not have) and that in California, you must be 21 to have a handgun.

Ok, what did this kid ACTUALLY do wrong:

1. He was found with a fake ID (normal college kid)

2. He bought alcohol with a fake ID (normal college kid)

3. He was in possession of a handgun under the age of 21 – if that is the state law, that one may be legitimate.

4. He possibly had an illegal detachable magazine.

Everything else in this news story and the video is a little scary. The police looked in his trunk, and found several weapons. Does one person need this many guns in his car? Maybe because he is a college kid, that was the safest place for them (as compared to a dorm room or house with several roommates.) Was it stupid for him to be traveling around in a state like California with so many guns in his car while also participating in risky behavior – like underage drinking? (And then possible DWI/DUI as well.) He is an young idiot, no doubt – hopefully he will grow and learn.

Look at the screenshot of the guns below – many of you know A LOT about guns, what types do you see?

The scariest thing in this video was how dramatic everyone was from the news reporters to SDPD Spokesperson, to the college students. The Police, I understand – they have to constantly worry about who is armed and why. The dramatic flair from the media only fans the flames for gun control advocates. I would love to hear David Moore’s side of the story. I am not saying I think he was doing the right thing, I am not saying he was using common sense, but in one instance a reporter said, if this had been found while Michelle Obama was in town, the Police reaction would have been more severe. They also mentioned the DC Sniper. It is as if this kid, misguided as he may be, was planning an assassination or planning on becoming a serial killer, just because he was storing his firearms in his trunk. I could be wrong, but the truth is likely a lot less sensational than NEWS 8 made it out to be. I have a rifle, a handgun, lots of ammo, and even a knife. If I took it all in one car – could this happen to me too?

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