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I found the Sight Pusher Tool all gun owners can use!


The “Universal Sight Pusher Tool”, it comes with the blocks you see here, the pusher tool and the correct sized allen wrench for changing blocks.

I went behind the scenes to meet the inventor of a very useful Sight Pusher Tool. Danny Fisher, the owner of Fisher Solutions, in San Diego, CA, was gracious and friendly. I knew they were busy (business is really booming for them right now) so I didn’t want to take up too much of their time, but I really enjoyed talking to them! I was excited when I figured out their shop was relatively close to where I live – the blogger in me always enjoys meeting and talking to the people doing great things rather than simply reviewing their gear. I have an XD45 and when I wanted to put a Leupold Delta Point on my pistol, I began researching Sight Tools – Danny’s Sight Pusher was the only XD pusher I found in a price point that was reasonable for the average person. I decided it was worth a try!

He showed me around his shop, it is an efficient space that they are on the edge of out-growing – luckily, they have plans to expand! After using his sight pusher, I can tell you that I understand why his business is going so well. This is a very well made tool. It is extremely strong, able to take a lot of pressure; built with precision, the blocks will fit various slides snuggly. Danny showed me mock-ups he had of an XD slide, and it became clear to me how much time and thought he has put into designing this tool. It is simply a rugged, professional, essential piece of gear for changing out sights. The model I wanted was the Universal Sight Tool, it comes with three different clamping blocks, allowing you to use one tool on most pistols. The most immediately important were the XD blocks.


The initial prototype was on a shelf in his shop – a piece of history, reminding them how it all began.

While visiting with Danny, I asked him, “What gave you the idea for this tool? Why did you create it?” He said that he has been a machinist for many years, and one day was trying to remove sights from his own pistol, and he basically invented it out of necessity. He actually showed me his initial prototype.  After he figured out that it really worked, he was talking about it on Calguns.net, a popular pro gun forum, and several people started asking if they could buy one. Danny went back to the drawing board and cleaned up the design, ending with the professional version he sells today.

The question I know everyone is really wondering: Does it work?

I placed the XD blocks in the tool, and checked the to make sure they would work with my XD slide – they fit like a glove. Then, using cleaning pads around the slide to prevent scratches, I put the tool in the vice on my workbench and clamped the XD fitted blocks around my slide, with the rear of the slide toward me and the front of the slide facing away from me. I added a few drops of penetrating oil to assist in breaking the sight free. I lined up the portion of the tool that actually connects with the sight and pushes it out. When looking at the rear of the slide, my XD45 factory can only be removed by pushing it from right to left (when looking at the rear of the slide). Danny told me to ensure that I turned the bolt using the bolt head, and though this might seem obvious, he said that there are people who do attempt to push the sight by tightening the nut rather than the bolt head. Here is a photo of the set up.


First, I made a small mark on the slide so I would be able to tell if the sight actually moved and by how much. I used a long handled wrench for leverage and began turning the bolt. I was not sure how hard to push down on the wrench, because I didn’t want to damage my tool and especially not my slide! So, at first I took it easy. I gradually pushed harder and harder and I thought it moved a little. I used my calipers and discovered that the sight had not moved AT ALL! If I had not read about this before hand, I would have been extremely frustrated and even questioned if I was doing something wrong – but, I was only finding out first hand what everyone says – XD sights are a major pain to remove!

So, I really put some weight into turning the bolt, and again – zero movement. At this point, I was blaming the stubborn XD sights rather than the tool. I began reading forums and the experiences other people have had removing XD sights in general. Apparently, some gunsmiths have a hydraulic tool and will pop them off in seconds – charging as much for their time as the cost of this tool. (Which means, if you need to take another gun, it would cost that amount again, and again.) Maybe if you only had one gun and you were only ever going to change the sights one time, then the gunsmith might be a feasible plan. If you are comfortable with doing this type of work yourself, and have several guns, there is no doubt this is the tool for you – it will save you money in the long run! Especially the Universal Sight Tool, as it will work on most brands of pistols for just a little more than the tool with only one type of blocks.

As I read about removing XD sights, I could not believe all the “tricks” people have used to loosen them. Some of the ideas were even a little funny, trust me I was ready to invoke some special Voodoo if it would budge these sights! There were several that suggested heat, most people used penetrating oil, and then I noticed that many of the people who were successful decided to freeze their slide for a period (from 30 minutes to overnight.) Freezing it made the most sense to me, since it would cause all the pieces to contract. Into the freezer my slide went! I kept it there for about two hours.

When I pulled it out of the freezer, I quickly placed it in the tool on the vice, lined up the pusher and put serious weight onto the wrench. Thank goodness – the sight actually began to move, just a ¼ inch at first, but it moved. So I kept the pressure on until it was almost all the way off. You can see the photos below.

Look at all that leverage!

Look at all that leverage!











This is a great sight pusher, extremely well made. I believe if it can remove an XD Sight, it will be able to remove any sight you have.

It is common knowledge that XD sights are difficult to remove.  Can you believe this little thing causes so much heart ache?

It is common knowledge that XD sights are difficult to remove. Can you believe this little thing causes so much heart ache?

I visited with Danny and the folks at his shop for a while, they were really terrific people, the type of guys it you would like to meet out on the range and spend time talking to! They even showed me something new they are working on, but swore me to secrecy because they didn’t have a patent yet.

I was really inspired after talking to Danny, he is just a normal guy, could be your next door neighbor, who honed a craft, found a niche in the market, and used his skills to find a superb solution. He is a small business owner. He is a perfect example of what makes our country what it is. If you already have his sight pusher tool, you are going to want to check back with Danny and Fisher Solutions, for future products! They are good people who love what they are doing, making life better for gun owners everywhere! This is a small business you can feel great satisfaction in supporting.

You can buy his “Made in the USA” tool here: www.sightpusher.com

My Thoughts on the Sandy Hook Shooting

AngelsThe tragedy at Sandy Hooks Elementary School has impacted everyone in the United States, and possibly beyond.  Obviously and most seriously impacted, are the families and friends of the educators and children, whose lives will forever be changed by this event. I cannot imagine their pain, their grief.  I have shed tears for them, and pledge my support and prayers.  I am a mother – I have two children, one 16-year-old daughter and one 5-year-old son.  I see the innocence and sweetness of my son daily, the trust he has that the world is a good place, that he is safe.  As I watched the news on Friday and saw the horror on the faces of the children as they were led from the building, I imagined my own son, and my daughter at that age, and immediately knew that every one of those children are victims.  It does not matter if they were wounded or not, they have all suffered trauma, and their innocence has been ripped from them, one week before Christmas, in a place where they should have been safe.

I have stayed quiet for a couple days because I was too sad to write, it seemed too soon to even discuss it, maybe it is too soon even today.  The media obviously does not feel that way, and predominantly, the discussion is regarding increased gun control.  This discussion is the same discussion that happens every time there is a mass shooting like this.  I personally think this time it will be different.  I think this time, because of the babies, the angels, that were taken too soon – this time the gun control advocates might be able to enact legislation to Federally increase gun control to a point that the entire country is as controlled as California, or worse. I mean, truly, who can vote “for” the murder of sweet six year old babies.  You know that is how it will be presented: If you believe zero new gun laws are needed, you must think this slaughter of innocent children is no big deal.  I heard Soledad O’Brien and Pierce Morgan on CNN both worked into a similar frenzy in the past two days. As members of the media, they were biased beyond belief. They both interviewed experts from the gun-rights side of the issue, but seemingly only so they could berate them on National TV – definitely not to allow them to present their case, not to allow factual information to pass their lips.

The opposing argument is that enacting new gun control legislation will not stop this type of tragedy.  At one time in my life, I wanted to be a first grade teacher, my step-mom is currently a first grade teacher, and I love children – especially that age, so much.  I just honestly believe if someone is set on harming a high number of people, there are some places that make it easier than others. A school, a movie theater, a mall are all obvious choices.  All schools I know about are “Gun Free Zones” many malls and movie theaters have signs posted with the same decree. People in these places are like sitting ducks.  Schools do drills for fire and tornados over and over, and I believe that because of the Columbine shooting, they have also started planning for a mass-shooting events. The teachers at Sandy Hook were incredibly heroic, beyond any expectation – they were strong and brave.  Every situation is different, and I know lessons will come from this horrifying event that, in the future, will make schools safer than they are now. Greg Ellifritz wrote an article for “Active Response Training” detailing some ideas that both parents and educators might consider, to increase children’s safety at school.  Click here to read his thoughts.

Will a ban on semi-automatic weapons, AR-15s, Sig Sauers, Glocks, stop this carnage? There has been quite a lot of research conducted that states otherwise.  Read a couple examples the links below:

  1. Don B. Kates and Gary Mauser, conducted a study published in the Harvard Journal of Law, titled, “Would Banning Firearms Reduce Murder and Suicide?” In it they compared the gun ownership of European nations with strict gun laws verses those with few gun laws and their comparative suicide and murder rates.
  2. Jacob Deakins, M.D. conducted a study published in the Journal of American Physicians and Surgeons titled, “Guns, Truth, Medicine, and the Constitution.”

I don’t want to wear you out with facts and details, but in order to retain our gun rights, we will have to educate ourselves. The gun control activists have the more emotional side, and they are less educated on the facts.  They will flash and politicize the photos of these babies, and it will call to all our souls. It is fear mongering, and we must fight against it.

I ask again, would increased gun control have stopped this senseless tragedy? The Bushmaster .223, an AR-15, used in the Sandy Hook shooting would likely not be the only semi-automatic weapon included in any gun control proposal. Let’s consider a world where the only handguns allowed were revolvers. How fast can a person fire a revolver? How fast can a person fire a revolver, reload and then fire again?  Here is an example of the fastest revolver:

Yes, this is an extreme example, but you get the point.  What if a mentally ill person, bent on destruction, had only a revolver?  What if the shooter on Friday had only killed 6 children, would that have been less tragic?  We would still be horrified (rightly so) the number only makes it worse, but either story would have been a tragedy. Banning all semi-automatic weapons will do the following:

  1. Drive the price up, dramatically, for those weapons still out in society.
  2. Drive mentally ill, or otherwise evil, individuals to commit crimes to obtain a gun.
  3. Or, they will use other still legal weapons and means to commit their crimes.

All the existing gun laws, already in place, should have prevented this man from obtaining a gun. Apparently, he was denied a purchase of a weapon at a Dick’s Sporting Goods store a couple days before this incident.    Should his mother have had better control over her guns, I would say so.  Especially knowing what we know now, there is no doubt about that. The responsibility that goes along with gun ownership is not something to be taken lightly.  Even if this 20-year-old man was brilliant, he reportedly had mental problems, and his mother, whom he lived with, would have understood that better than any background check would have uncovered.  Maybe the details on that part of the story will come out, but no matter what took place in that home, this is a lesson to all gun owners. We must be more responsible than the law requires, more responsible than any trained course asks of us, if we truly want to keep our firearms.

Can someone cause this much damage without firearms?  Friday morning, one of my blogging friends shared the story with me about the man in China who stabbed all the children. I was going to write about that, then a few hours later, on the same day the news began reporting the Sandy Hook shooting.  What about the Oklahoma Bombing? Do you remember the photos of the fireman carrying a child from the building; do you remember the daycare center? Oh, there are ways to create a disaster, and people hell-bent on destruction will find those ways. Do not kid yourselves. Do not be naive.

Could one person with a concealed carry permit have stopped the killing, or some of the killing?  I do not know the answer to that, much like the theater shooting, there is so much speculation either way. An under-publicized story from the Portland Mall shooting included a man who did have his gun with him, he took cover behind a pillar and pulled his gun.

He considered firing, and almost did – but he saw movement and thought there was a chance he would hurt someone else if he pulled his trigger. (A responsible decision, one that the media believes a responsible gun-owner is incapable of making.)  Apparently, the gunman saw him with his gun and the next thing that happened was the gunman killed himself. Maybe what ever caused him to “trip off line” was tripped back to right at the sight of the gun pointed at him, and he realized what he had done and ended it.  We do not know.  There are so many reasons everything happened, most we will never know.

Another argument is that all teachers should not have guns, that they should not be trusted, the kids might get the gun, etc.  No one says that ALL teachers should have guns, but undoubtedly, there are Principals and teachers who are very proficient with a gun, and who would be able to think clearly.  Much like an air-marshal or a pilot on an airplane, why shouldn’t some of those people (very carefully screened) no be allowed to carry?  It would lessen the opportunity of the “sitting ducks” and could make a person think twice before thinking a school is an easy target.

Read the studies I cited above, consider the people you know. I can promise you, banning firearms – even 100% of firearms, will not stop these crimes. What it will actually lead to is so much worse than what we saw on Friday (even though that is hard to imagine.) We have the 2nd Amendment for a reason, so that the people may protect themselves and their family against predators, especially a tyrannical government.  How does a dictator rise to power?  There is an entire series of events that must occur first – and disarming the public is part of that process.  Do not give up your liberty for safety; there are other ways to find safety, to find protection.

I know this was a lot to read, and if you made it all the way to the bottom – thank you. Let’s all make a pledge to be responsible gun owners, and to educate ourselves against the battle that is sure to come.

God bless all those whose lives were taken or forever affected by this evil man.  My prayers are with you always.

What Is a Semiautomatic Gun?

Springfield XD45

Hello, I am Lil Chantilly, and I own a semiautomatic handgun. Because some members of the media, Bob Costas included, have a difficult time with the definition of semiautomatic, I thought I would present a lesson for them.  Most of the people who read my blog already understand the difference between automatic, semiautomatic, and single shot.



I decided to go straight to a source most people recognize as authoritative, the Dictionary.  I found the following at Dictionary.com:

Pay particular attention to the line, “requiring a squeeze of the trigger for each shot”.  This means that on my semiautomatic Springfield XD45 pistol, I cannot just hold the trigger and then all the rounds will fire in succession.  It means that for my semiautomatic pistol, I must pull the trigger, recover back on target, and then pull the trigger again.  It takes practice and skill to do that quickly, but no matter what – you must pull the trigger for every single bullet that exits the gun.

What are some examples of semi-automatic weapons?  The pistol at the top of this article is a semiautomatic .45 Caliber pistol.  It is a Springfield XD45.  Speaking of that – the same gun is at the top of this page in my main webpage design. I own a gun that fires one round at a time.

This is a Glock 26, it is semiautomatic, it fires one round with each pull of the trigger:

This is a Smith and Wesson M&P, it is semiautomatic, it fires one round each time the trigger is pulled:

Here is an AR-15, all dolled up for a lady.  Even this rifle is semiautomatic, it fires one round each time the trigger is pulled:

At Wikipedia.com, they have a good paragraph that really explains what semiautomatic means:

“A semi-automatic, or self-loading firearm is a weapon which performs all steps necessary to prepare the weapon to fire again after firing—assuming cartridges remain in the weapon’s feed device or magazine. Typically, this includes extracting and ejecting the spent cartridge case from the weapon’s firing chamber, re-cocking the firing mechanism, and loading a new cartridge into the firing chamber. Although automatic weapons and selective fire firearms do the same tasks, semi-automatic firearms do not automatically fire an additional round until the trigger is released and re-pressed by the person firing the weapon.” 

Many media personalities discuss automatic weapons and semiautomatic firearms interchangeably.  To the millions of gun owners in the country, the media sounds ignorant.  To those who are afraid or lack understanding because they were not lucky enough to have a good mentor take them to the range, or hunting, or target shooting outdoors so far in life – the media may sound correct, and the stories they spin may sound scary.  If I thought that every person with a gun was going to kill someone and that we all likely had automatic weapons, and because someone’s neighbor’s music was too loud, if I thought they planned to solve that argument with a gun – I would be scared as well.

I do own a semiautomatic pistol, I know A LOT of people who do, and they are all good honest Americans who love this country, would never hurt a soul (except to protect their own life or the lives of their family).  When you hear the media talking, actually listen to the words they say, really consider the meaning behind those words, and decide for yourself if that person is knowledgable enough about the topic to continue listening.  If they are not, turn them off.  Eventually, they will have to educate themselves.

Think for yourselves, all of this is too important to be sheep.


UK Telegraph: Glock Weapon of Choice for Spree Killers – Seriously?

The UK Telegraph published an article yesterday making a very large generalization that the “Glock pistol has been the weapon of choice for spree killers.”  This is a ridiculous statement.  The killer in Aurora, CO apparently did have a Glock 40 in his possession and another in his car.  The killer in Norway did use a Glock 17 for some of the murders he committed as well.  You can read their article and look at the laundry list of mass murderers and the weapons they used.  Still, this is ridiculous.  Could you say, “Pepsi” is the soda of choice for spree killers? Could you say spree killers all own Levi Jeans?  Glocks are an extremely  popular, and reliable weapon brand.  To make such a generalization is only meant to harm a Corporation and to push an anti-gun agenda.

Guest Article: Guns Were a Forbidden Thing

Mom’s 3rd or 4th time at the range!

This story is from a reader who was kind enough to share his story with us!

I grew up with guns being a forbidden thing.  A mystery.   My grandfather had a few, but I was never taught to shoot and I knew better than to touch his.  He’s been gone 25 years now, and I wish I had one of his weapons to connect with his memory better.

In 1991, I was working in Houston, who was on her way to 608 homicides.  People were getting shot on their own front porches.  In their homes.  When their cars broke down.   I was 21, and making what seemed like decent money, so I did what research I could in the pre-internet days, asked a bunch of questions of the guys at the gun shops, and chose a used Taurus PT92AF, partly because it looked cool, and the price was right at $225.

An hour after I bought my Taurus, I was at the range by myself.  I loaded one round into the mag, cycled the action, pulled the trigger, and it went bang.  There was even a hole on the target!   Nowhere near the rings, but on the paper!   I was in business.

What a rush!  And, with no real instruction.  I was very pleased with myself.  Scared that I’d screw up, but happy that I’d figured it out.

He went on to describe the time he took his mom to the range for the first time…

Mom’s 67 now.  She became interested in shooting as the years went by, and kept saying she wanted to buy a pistol for protection, but would never go through with it despite my encouragement.   Typical analysis paralysis; a fear of spending hundreds on something she would end up hating.  Finally, I gave her my Taurus (that I’d had for 20 years at that point) to shut her up – I mean because I was a good son.

A week or so later, we went to the range.  It was a little comical with her trying to take instruction while insisting on wearing both cans and foamies (“You only get one set of ears!” *sigh*).  Some shouting, charades, and a little luck got us through the first session.  She was a natural!   She gets frustrated that her stamina ends the session after about 100 rounds, and she has some trouble loading the mags without a cheater, but for a novice, she’s great (see attached; not her first target, but maybe her 3rd or 4th a month or so later, at 7 yards).  She takes instruction well, and is really interested in getting to be better and more consistent.

Sure enough, three months later and she’s eyeing other guns.   Are the sights better on that one?  What’s the capacity?   If she gets a lighter gun, can she shoot longer?   What’s the effect on accuracy?

We rent a Gen4 Glock 26 at the range one day, and she’s in love.  I mention that the Glock Sport Shooting Foundation offers a discount with 2-year membership, and she calls me the next day.   She’s sent in her $60 to GSSF and is awaiting her membership packet, and could I tell her about the different kinds of sights available.

Dafuq?  Mom?  The woman who kept trying to load rounds into the mags backwards half the time a few weeks ago?  Ordering a new baby Glock?!? And not happy with the stock sights?  Huh?!

I’ve created a monster.

Two weeks later, and we’re at the law-enforcement-friendly gun shop that honors the GSSF coupon.  Yes, she’d like fiber-optic / tritium sights while we wait, please, and would he install the mag extensions as well?


Rock on, Mom!

It’s a small thing, but bonding with mom at the range, talking about guns, cleaning them together, is great.  It’s made us closer.

One of the questions I asked was if there is anything else that would motivate the readers to learn to shoot, give them something to think about, or put a smile on their face and the author of this story added his final comments….

Mom is warming up to the idea of going to a GSSF event and competing. At 67.  She’s a better shot with the Glock and its upgraded sights than she was with the Taurus.  I’d absolutely love it if she shot competitively.

Oh, and Dad doesn’t know about her new hobby yet.  He might not approve, so it’s best to not say anything.


If you have a good story to share related to shooting please send it to: webmaster@heelsandhandguns.com.  If you are someone just starting out, these kind of stories remind us that everyone started somewhere and the best thing to do is get out there and try – just like the author’s mom – you might be a natural!

Arizona Cardinal Lineman Getting Heat for Packing Heat

Arizona Cardinal’s Defensive Lineman, Darnell Dockett is getting a lot of heat the past day or so for tweeting about almost bringing his gun to work.  Er – well, at least he is getting a lot of heat for deciding to tweet the he accidentally, “almost” brought his nickel plated Glock to work.

The truth is, it seems he was doing every thing legally, according to Arizona state gun laws.  He is an NFL player, and as a result is more likely a target for crime than the average joe on the street.  You’re damn right – if I were Darnell, I would be carrying too.  Heck, if I were an average joe in Arizona, I would carry – when ever and where ever possible.

If you take a look at his tweets, apparently, his mother had been murdered and he says “She did not have a gun to protect her.”  We have no idea about his past life before football, and most of us cannot imagine what it is like to manage the crazies out there when we have money and fame as well. Read more

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