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Jessie Duff’s Demo of Various Weapons – Educational!

Screen Shot 2013-01-20 at 1.45.47 PMJessie Duff is recognized as one of the most accomplished competition shooters in the world. Competing – and excelling – in five different shooting disciplines, Jessie has won both world and national championship titles, included among them are the prestigious Bianchi Cup and the Steel Challenge World Speed Shooting Championships. Over the last couple years Jessie has been a fixture in the shooting sports industry representing her many sponsors, chief among them Taurus.

In this video on the Fox News show, Hannity.  She really demonstrates the difference in various guns, and why banning an AR-15 will not do anything.  We are simply going to get to the root cause of the mass shootings. I do realize that by posting a Fox News video – some people will believe it is skewed.  This video is nearly 100% Jessie Duff talking and showing the difference in different kinds of guns and different calibers. I think this is a fair video.  Let me know what you think!

You Heard it Here Folks: 9mm vs .45

I adore my readers – you make me think and smile everyday!  Today, one of our readers commented on the 9mm or .45 debate (reminding us of a popular saying) and I wanted to highlight it!


Stopping Power: Do You Really Need a Large Caliber?

One of my main reasons I started “Heels and Handguns” is to document new things I learn and to share what I learn with others so we can increase our collective knowledge about firearms and other interesting topics. When I went to buy my first pistol (mostly for home protection) I was advised over and over to get something with good “stopping power”. I am in the Navy, a very male dominated group, even today (although it grows more diverse every year). Several of my buddies told me to get at least a 9mm, and my most trusted gun advisor told me, “You need a .45 – for knock down power alone.” When it came down to it, I bought an XD45, and never regretted it. When I pull the trigger, I can feel the power, it has a kick and I have no doubt it will take a guy down if the time comes. I also know that there are some people, kids and ladies who might be intimidated by a firearm and might think a .45 is a bit much. For those people, I usually tell them to try a .40 or a 9mm or various other similar sized rounds I never tell them to get a .22 for home protection, although they are cheap and fun to take to the range.

That was until…  I heard an episode of my favorite podcast, The Survival Podcast (one of the best all around survival education resources). The premise of this podcast (by Jack Spirko) is not only surviving the Zombie Apocalypse, but mainly just living well and surviving day to day in an ever changing world.

In episode 855, he gave a very detailed talk (geared toward the beginner shooter) about caliber, gauge, ballistic coefficient, and other terms described in a very practical way.  All this was very interesting, and while I already knew a lot of what he said, I did learn things I had wondered about but hadn’t yet fully understood.  The part that made me pull my car over and start taking notes (ahhh…. the life of a blogger) was when he quoted a non-scientific study done by Buckeye Farms association.  It was called “An Alternate Look at Handgun Stopping Power”.  Basically, Greg Ellfritz, over a 10-year period, kept track of stopping power results from every shooting he could find. He talked to the participants of gunfights, read police reports, attended autopsies, and scoured the newspapers, magazines, and Internet for any reliable accounts of what happened to the human body when it was shot.  There is A LOT of data in his report, and you can read it here.  Jack Spirko got my attention in his podcast when he said that, according to this study, a .22 actually had a higher percentage of fatal hits than most large caliber pistol rounds.  This really got me thinking.  Listen to Jack Spirkos explanation of Greg’s data.  It is enlightening!

I am not going stop recommending a bigger caliber, but I think at the end of the day if you have any gun – it just might do the trick.  What are your thoughts on this topic?

A Rifle Above the Rest

Sometimes I cannot believe my good fortune. In this video I am only shooting about 250 yards (with a 223), but the best part of this day was the Rifle I had the privilege of using. It is completely a custom setup and listed below are some attributes:
Caliber = .284 Winchester
Bullet = 7mm 162grain Hornaday A-Max
Krieger 28″ barrel with a 1 in 9″ twist rate
Mcmillian  A5 Stock
Remington action trued by Mark Penrod
Rifle completely built by Mark Penrod
Scope: Leupold Mk4 8.5-25x50mm with M5 Turrets

You can see it in the foreground in the below picture:


Everything about this firearm is perfect, just perfect. No, it is not mine, but belongs to one of the smart guys who take time out of their day to teach me more about guns from time to time. I consider it a work of art. Can a girl fall in love with a Long Range Tactical Rifle?

A .22 Shopping I Go

I do NOT like to shop.  I am too much of a tom-boy for that.  I do like a new pair of heels here and there, but I wish they would just appear.  The ONLY kind of shopping I do like is GUN shopping!  I am going to go .22 shopping this week.  I want to get a good, accurate .22 that I can use for fun, and my daughter can use to get comfortable on the range.  I am looking at two beautiful weapons now.  I would be interested to get your thoughts on these, as well as other options I might consider.

One is the Browning Buckmark series of .22’s.










The other is the Ruger Mark III

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