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  1. Good for you on the college deal. I was a High School drop out and by the grace of God I got in the Air Force. Then the upward climb began. Within 13 years I had a masters degree. I know the missing fun etc. It has really worked out though. I retired e-8 at 20 and have been a stock broker, a carreer counselor, a seminar presenter (3 day programs), a finacial educator, and I own a business. 52 years old. Pretty good run for a drop out. Good on you. It is honorable to serve the country. Thanks

  2. I’m anti gun and I’m from Austin, Texas. I’m anti gun because I’ve been around irresponsible people with guns. A gun will turn a good person into a killer. It almost happened to my father, but my mother called the cops on him and had him stop. I had a drunk ex husband point a rifle in my face and threaten to kill both of us. I called the cops and he went to jail for the night for public intoxication. The rifle never was returned to him. This is why I hate guns. I hate all weapons.

    1. Diana,

      I am so sorry to hear those were your experiences and thank The Lord you are here to relay them to us now.

      I know there is nothing I can say that will give you a different point of view.

      I can see both your Father and your ex were not the kind of evil that would actually kill, or you and your mother wouldn’t be here. If calling the cops saved you, then possibly they were trying to scare, control, abuse – but at that point, were not willing to pull the trigger. (I know abuse escalates, but at that time.) You did the right thing calling the police, if he can no longer get a gun (legally) the world is a better place. People who commit violent crimes should have their gun rights taken away.

      Have you ever shot a gun, are you comfortable with your own firearm skills?

      You sound like a strong woman who has lived through many tough times. I respect your views, and am honored you would take the time to share your story with me.


  3. If you have any articles of interest to female senior citizens I would gladly post them on my blog, The Old Gunhand which is the only website that specifically caters to senior citizen gun owners. My female subscribers are growing in number and many are just buying guns for the first time as seniors. Any help you can provide will be appreciated. My website in non profit so I have no profit is redirecting my readers to your articles. I already carry your feed but there are so many news articles from other feeds that the gems sometimes get overlooked.

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