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Cold Dead Hands: A 2nd Amendment Anthem

Screen Shot 2013-06-20 at 8.48.15 PMWatch this video titled, Cold Dead Hands, written by Jennifer Lawson and Bo Dottley. Jennifer is talented and she has a great voice. I love that she is a lady rocking on her guitar singing about the Second Amendment, a subject near and dear to my heart! Get the word out about this song.  You can watch it below on You Tube or you can buy it on iTunes. Support those who share our beliefs!

Cold Dead Hands

Simple man, simple ways, blue collar, American made
Fear the Lord and love my family
You better not tread on me cause in the name of Liberty
You know I’m gonna fight til the bitter end

Like a mighty oak I’m gonna stand my ground
You can bet your butt I’ll never lay these pistols down

Cause this fight ain’t just about freedom, it goes a lot deeper than that
It’s about the blood our brothers shed so you can have a place to hang your hat
And if you try and take em you’ll cross that line I’ve drawn in the sand
You can have my guns when you pry em from my cold dead hands.

Just a worn out Sweet 16, it’s loaded up with memories
One of these days I’m gonna pass it on
Handed down with pride you see it’s my grand daddy’s legacy
Ain’t a man alive gonna take it away

If he were here today let me tell you son
He’d walk through hell before you ever took his guns

Now I lay me down to sleep, 12 gauge by the door I keep
It’s there to protect my family
Just remember it’s our right to keep and bear so we can fight
Against the thugs and government tyranny

And as long as Uncle Sam stands his ground, 
You can bet your butt we’ll never lay these pistols down

Yes I am a gun owner but, Journalists, you do NOT know me.

ASK who i amThe stereotypical vision of the average gun owner presented by Bloomberg in his recent gun control commercial really aggravated me. It is not this one television ad alone, it is months upon months spent examining the portrayal of the responsibly armed public by the media at large.   

They presume to know how I feel, what I think, why I own a gun, and my worst fears when, in reality, they know nothing about me. Multiply that times the millions of gun owners in this country.  People are complex, and there are likely as many stories and reasons and feelings as there are legal gun owners.   

In the hours and days following the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary school, the journalists began telling a one-sided tale.  I remember listening to Soledad O’Brien, from CNN, interviewing Mary Bono-Mack, a former congresswoman from California, who is a strong supporter of the 2nd Amendment.  Mrs. Bono-Mack  is a well spoken woman, and while Soledad tried to lead her down a trail admitting that increased gun control would have prevented this massacre of young babies, Mrs. Bono-Mack  attempted to address alternative concerns such as helping mothers with increased mental health care for their troubled children. Soledad became visibly upset, losing her composure and professionalism, biased to a point she was unable to conduct a fair interview. 

Though I do frequent circles where the 2nd Amendment is highly valued, until late December 2012, no one really talked about it casually – not the right to bear arms specifically.  Sometimes we would discuss a range day or a new gun purchase, maybe argue about the best gun manufacturer.  The 2nd Amendment did not come up as something to argue about or discuss.  It was there, like the air – required, necessary, never in question.

Even though the reality of the mental state of the killer was known almost immediately, the media and some politicians branded every gun owner as equal to Adam Lanza.  Those of us who own a firearm, and believe we have every right to own that gun, became Adam Lanza in those weeks following Sandy Hook. Fueled by the constant vitriol spewed from the media, I had friends confront me and attack my beliefs as if I had transformed into someone they didn’t know.  No matter how calmly and carefully I tried to talk to them, they became extremely angry and insinuated I was heartless, idiotic, or at least naïve in matters of the 2nd Amendment. (These were the ones who told me my .45 was no match for a fighter jet.) I had been friends with a couple of these people for 20 or more years and they always knew I owned guns and enjoyed shooting for sport.  As a mother, I was as horrified as anyone could be about the Sandy Hook shooting – I just didn’t believe that punishing legal gun owners who had not done anything wrong would stop this from happening again in the future.  It is as if they were hypnotized and could only repeat the same uninformed statements coming from the press – and nothing I said could snap them out of their media induced trance. 

In late December and January, I remember every article about the killer’s mother said, “Nancy Lanza, gun enthusiast…” As if there was nothing else that was ever important about this woman.  She was a gun enthusiast and probably the only person who knew her son well enough to have suspected anything at all, if one can ever imagine their child causing this type of horror.

Within a month, the News Journal, through a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request, had obtained all the names of persons who had legally obtained permits to own a gun and published a Google Map of the entire database on their website.  It is probable that none of those who had their names published ever committed any crime with their gun, and now they were persecuted.  Both sides of that community were put at risk as the criminals could make educated decisions on where to conduct their nefarious business.  Who were these people that woke up one day and found their names published in a newspaper simply because they may have LEGALLY owned a gun?  The News Journal did not ask who they were, they said neighbors have a “right” to know who lives next door.  Before the map was published, I’d guess neighbors did know each other the way neighbors do – the good and the bad of living near someone.  After the map was published, I wonder if any of those relationships were strained, or – perhaps new friends were made. Either way, what the News Journal published under the guise of “knowledge” actually vilified an entire subsection of their community – again, they presumed to “know” the people represented by the red dots.  Yet, those red dots actually represented every single person in the United States of America.  They were simply exercising the 2nd Amendment of our Constitution’s Bill of Rights.  Those red dots could have been a young adult during the “Occupy Wall Street” protests exercising his 1st Amendment rights, a young man charged with murder, hearing that he has the right to remain silent exercising his 5th Amendment right, or two ladies hoping to marry as they await the Judicial review of the Defense of Marriage Act (4th Amendment).  I do not presume to know any of these people, yet – they are GUARENTEED these rights in our constitution.

The gun owners here in America, who greived with the rest of the nation for the loss of those beautiful babies and their brave educators, had no choice but to stand up and fight in the wake of this nightmare.  The media’s ship was listing heavily to the port side as a line of opportunistic politicians stood alongside pouring buckets of water onboard. 

As every pro-gun person had their moment in the spotlight, it was spectacular.  From my standpoint, a pro-gun blogger with access to hundreds of other pro-gun bloggers and journalists, I was so proud of our community.  We banded together, and through unity have been able to communicate an alternate idea, a truth.  Cable News shows did invite token gun enthusiasts so they could cite fairness in future discussions.  The reality is they brought them on to be a punching bag for the host and whomever their anti-gun guest happened to be that evening. 

When Senator Dianne Feinstein released her draft Assault Weapons Ban Bill, the staunch supporters of the 2nd Amendment could not sit quietly by.  She reached too far, pushed too hard. We have an obligation to defend ourselves and our country from such an assault and in my opinion — we only used force equal in response to the application of force against us.

After all the hours Cable news has consumed on this topic, the Journalists and their news editors still do not understand gun owners, why we care so much, or how we became so passionate. The broad generalizations continue. 

The mainstream media does not know me.  Why?  They have not asked.

Journalist compared 2nd Amendment Supporters to John Wilkes Booth

Screen Shot 2013-01-22 at 3.04.59 PMAnti gun journalists are taking our defense of the 2nd Amendment, and it’s intended purpose too far. Today, blogger Douglas Anthony Cooper, had an article published in Huffington Post, (it is his latest in a series), saying that gun enthusiasts who hoard weapons are treasonous. He compared us to John Wilkes Booth. His point was that John Wilkes Booth thought that Abraham Lincoln was tyrannical, and he decided to bear his Derringer Pistol and shoot the President of the United States. Mr. Cooper says, most people who decide to take action against a president would be acting alone, and that many people feel the same about President Obama as John Wilkes Booth did about Abraham Lincoln. An exact quote from his article was:

Screen Shot 2013-01-22 at 3.03.02 PM If you hoard weapons for the express purpose of overturning the elected administration, then you are many things. A patriot isn’t one of them. Blind adherence to a single amendment does not make you a champion of the Constitution itself. Violent intent towards the duly-elected government does not make you a friend to the nation. There is in fact an accurate word for this species of plotting: treason.

He then went onto his Twitter account and share his article with his followers using the tweet below:

As a mother, a gun enthusiast, a woman, a responsible gun owner, I am deeply offended by this. I realize there are fringes in every group. The 1st Amendment protects those who demonstrate near funerals of heroes whose lives were ended protecting this very right, those who burn the flag, those who denounce the United States of America on her own soil. To say we are only passionate about one amendment would be false. I love history, and the period from the birth of our country to 1880 is, by far, my favorite time. Why? Because I LOVE this country. I love what it stands for. I love that all people truly do have a chance at success no matter the conditions into which they were born.

Screen Shot 2013-01-22 at 4.50.22 PM

Read about Specialist Four Leslie H. Sabo, Medal of Honor Recipient due to actions in Cambodia in May 1970. He is a true patriot.

I have spent my entire adult life in the military, why? Because I love my country – I love everything about it.  I love that in spite of the deep political divide, we had another peaceful Inaugural Address yesterday. I love that someone like Barrack Obama was able to rise to the most powerful position in the world. A half black boy, born to a single mother. It does not matter if you side with him politically or not, it is truly possible for anyone of us to become something bigger than ourselves. This is the United States of America.

To suggest that because I love guns, to suggest that wanting different guns for different purposes, to suggest that I because I believe in the power of the 2nd Amendment it is somehow synonymous with the treacherous act committed by John Wilkes Booth, is one of the most lowly remarks I have heard in this debate.

Douglas Anthony Cooper, you Sir, would not know a patriot if he respectfully said good morning and smiled while you passed him on the street. You Sir, are no patriot.

Guest Post: That’s What Makes Me Free

Screen Shot 2012-12-23 at 11.33.07 AMThis post was originally a comment on another post from a reader of this Blog, Richard.  I wanted everyone to read his thoughts:

People that are “anti-gun” consider themselves either smarter better or have a false sense of entitlement in the area of either psychological superiority or outright dictatorship type of power. The fact that they are willing to voluntarily segregate themselves is all too evident. History has taught us over and over that they are wrong. With the television has came news instantly seemingly in your front yard. Per Capita, the mass homicides are on par as much as ever in history. There are just more people and news travels instantly.

Jack the ripper was never formally caught, but a gun in the first victims hands would have made it where there was never such a name. There will always be serial killers and murderers and those who want to contain this great country like a cattle farm after we are disarmed. China has no jury and if you speak out, or are found to be an otherwise undesirable person, they walk you to the showers in the police station where you are executed typically with a single bullet in the back of the head. They can do this because their population has been disarmed. What would happen if our congress was to do the same things here? What if they were to simply try to pass a nationwide curfew? Or force people to live in government housing? Or force people to work bad government jobs? Or to take away social security? Or to tell you which god to believe in? Or to force your silence? Or to take your life?

The only way to understand the Anti-gun group is to realize that most of them are outright scared of guns and have been taught either by schools or by fearful parents that guns are bad. I have changed the opinions of some but only by bringing them to a shoot, usually without telling them in advance. Once they understand the basics the natural instinct to learn takes over and that’s when their opinions tend to become educated and actually reverse. You would think that when a person accidentally shoots themselves they would adopt the anti gun stance, but that is almost unheard of.

I challenge any person that is anti gun to find a Jewish person and ask them of their history. It averages 20 years after gun laws get passed before genocide happens.  It has happened in the last 20 years right here on earth. Over and over; again and again people still forget the lessons learned. There is not one country that would not like to “own” this great land. We would not need a military if we were not at times in danger. Your opinion that you voice is only legal for one reason and that is because we have fought and will fight for equality. We have fought and will fight against tyranny. We have fought and will fight for the helpless.

This is the United States of America. There are plenty of countries any person that does not like our rights is free to move to. Many have gun bans but also have a history of genocide as well. They are right now murdering families in parts of the world simply because they are Christians and a law was passed to take away the same weapons that are used against them.

I choose not to carry a firearm but I appreciate having the choice. That’s what makes me free!

2012 On Target to be the most Rootin’ Tootin’ Shootin’ Olympics Ever!

From, The athletes in the shooting sports will once again be fired up at the 2012 London Summer Olympics! From just five shooting events at the inaugural 1896 Olympic Games to 15 today, the sport has grown steadily alongside the advance in firearms technology.  Click here and read more about it.  We will follow some of the stories on this blog.  The shooting event begins on Saturday, July 28 and will run through Monday, August 6 at the Royal Artillery Barracks.  Who are your favorites?

Has Putin Been Hit With His Own Zombie Gun?

Does Vladimir Putin think he it too cool to wear his hearing protection correctly, or is he afraid he will mess up his hair?

Russian President, Vladimir Putin, has authorized his own Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency to go forward with plans to develop and produce futuristic weapons, that turn victims in to veritable zombies.  The expectation is they could be ready for warfare by 2020, which is not THAT far into the future.  You can read about Russia’s plans and this weapon’s effect here.  It seems Russia is releasing this info to the media to “one up” the Americans.  The United States will just let it’s future actions do the talking.

Don’t Bring Race and Religion into my Gun Laws

I came across this article today in the Washington Post.  It gave me pause.  This article is quoting scripture, “Put away your sword,” Jesus commands, “for those who live by the sword, die by the sword.” (Matthew 26:52)  It is in response to the Trayvon Martin shooting and goes on to ask that we all “put down our guns” for Holy week.  Yes, I am a Christian, and yes, I believe in the 2nd Amendment.  This article challenges the fact that these two principles frequently are found in the same person.  How can a person be a Christian, and still believe in using a weapon that could end in a violent crime, that could take ones life?  I counter that if one is truly a Christian, they would never use their weapon to harm another human being unless there were no other choice.

The tragic shooting of this teen does break my heart, and still all the facts are not known – so I will not judge either side.  I only wish the country would take a breath and not use this case, with so much uncertainty, to polarize our country further than it already is.

Earlier today, I was listening to talk radio, and the conservative speaker was discussing that George Zimmerman is hispanic, but those who are more liberal are saying he is a “white hispanic”.  How about this argument:  Trayvon and George were both people.  They were in a community, they had family, they were humans.  They may have been Protestant, Catholic, Jewish, or Muslim.  They may have descended from African American, Brazilian, Portuguese, or Hispanic heritage.  In this country we have come so far over the course of 235+ years, to try a case such as this in the court of public opinion serves no purpose and only drives a wedge deeper.  George Zimmerman called the police over 50 times with concerns about people in his neighborhood.  If Trayvon had been a homeless man of Irish or Mexican decent, I have a feeling Mr. Zimmerman would have responded in a similar fashion (right or wrong).

It seems to me that too many follow like sheep walking to slaughter.  The media feeds them until they are too full and lulls them to a sleepy goodnight.  The politicians are waiting with open arms and promising to fix everything, “Don’t worry” they say, “I will take care of you.”  THINK people!  THINK!  Before it is too late and you find yourself wondering what happened to your country.  Both politicians and journalists use religion and race to strike fear and draw worst case scenarios.  The truth is usually somewhere in the middle, but you have to open you mind, your eyes – take in what is around you and form your very own opinion.  Never let someone else tell you what to think.

At the heart of the matter, we are all either good or evil.  No matter what race, what religion you practice, or if you own a gun.  You will find the eternal ying and yang in all parts of life.  I grow more concerned for our society when journalists use bible verses to encourage us to put our guns down.  I grow more weary when I see thousands of people in hooded sweatshirts marching in the name of race.  Let’s all remember we are American’s first, if we forget that, we will lose it all.

U.S. Military Women – Nothin’ But Tough!

In honor of Women’s History Month, I made this video to celebrate the women of the U.S. Military. They are nothin’ but TOUGH!

I am a Member of the 53%

I was raised by a single mother in the 1970’s. I have had a job since I was 17 years old (non-stop). When I was 19 years old, I joined the United States Navy so I could afford a college education.  During that time, I was married, had a child, was divorced, became a single mother, and served my country. Life was not easy. I was eligible for WIC (as a single mother and a junior enlisted Sailor).  I did not take it. Instead, I sat goals – lofty goals. I made a plan about how I was going to reach the goals. I stuck to the plan – and even when hardships or setbacks occurred, I kept going back to the plan.  I stayed up late at night while my children slept and finished my bachelor degree. This was not for a week or for a year. This was YEARS. Working during the day, learning from my superiors, and trying to be good at my job. 

This was YEARS. Teaching my child to read, cleaning the house, making dinner, and putting her to bed with a story and lots of love. This was YEARS. Sometimes falling asleep in her bed from exhaustion, waking up at midnight, realizing I had homework to finish. Then, at 0500 my alarm would go off and it would all begin again. Eventually, I got to the place I am today. It was not easy, it was not automatic. I missed out on some fun my friends were having, I missed out on watching popular TV programs because I was studying, I missed out on sleep as I was dreaming of a better life for me and my children. All of this paid off and paid off well. Twenty years later, I now own a home, I am debt free except for my house, my children have college funds, and I have been very well educated.

I pay my taxes. I still dream of an even better life, and I love my country. 

I am a member of the 53%

A Good Day in the Life of a Navy Girl

Yesterday, before noon – in what was considered my “duty” – here are all the things I saw.

I was in downtown San Diego, near the USS Midway Museum. I was in yet another retirement of a shipmate. (Is this a sign that I am getting old, if all of my friends are retiring?) There is a wonderful park near the waterfront there with a celebration of “The Greatest Generation”. Many of the statues in my pictures celebrate the sacrifices of not only the men and women who have given their lives for their country (and their valor) but also the family members who sacrifice at home.  If you are visiting San Diego, make a day of it. Visit the USS Midway, walk around the park, and take a moment to say thank you to a generation that made this country what we are today.


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