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Listen to our “We Like Shooting” Podcast!

Screen Shot 2013-09-09 at 12.15.26 AMI cannot believe how exciting things have been lately! This week I officially became a podcaster, and yes, it is available via iTunes. I frequently share the reviews and articles that I write for, as I am a member of their team. When they decided to do a Podcast, they graciously invited me as well and the rest is history. They recorded the first episode while I was on vacation, but no worries, I was able to jump into the second episode! We have already been picked up by the Firearms Radio Network, and for that I would like to give a big THANK YOU to Jake Challandthe Host and Producer of Gun Guy Radio.

Let me introduce the rest of the team:

Shawn – an instructor, reviewer, competitor and even after all that his wife is still NOT impressed.

Savage1r – a YouTuber who makes videos about shooting, philosophy, and do it yourself projects.

Aaron – Aaron is a law enforcement marketing specialist and media contact for wls.

Jeremy – former Marine, instructor and proprietor of River’s Edge Tactical in rural Ohio

Nick – When Nick isn’t at work making high dollar precision rifles and barrels he is getting outshot by his wife-to-be.

Last by not least, you all know me – but here is my introduction:

Lil Chantilly – an Active Duty Navy, passionate long-range shooter, women’s shooting advocate and gun blogger, at and

We have a couple other members of the team, Rhody and Zak, and you will get to know them as time goes on.  As of now, I am the token Lady shooter (well, except for Shawn, who has been deemed an honorary lady by the Rocky Mountain Tactical Ladies.) Let us know what you want us to discuss!

I could not ask for a nicer group of people to hang out and discuss guns with, did I mention they have quite the sense of humor too? Yes – you will like them, so please download the first two episodes and listen then let me know what you think!

You can download them here:

Episode 001

Episode 002 – with Lil Chantilly!

You will find the show notes for all episodes on

Thank you for all your support so far and I look forward to sharing more and more firearms related info with you as this new project gets off the ground!

Why I am a female gun owner: It’s not what the media assumes

Screen Shot 2013-07-14 at 7.53.14 PMNatalie Foster is the creator of Girls Guide to Guns and more recently an NRA Commentator, she represents our community with flair, intelligence, class and a little sass. I saw the video below today, and love the message within, she is right – ladies all love their guns for their own reasons.  We love our guns for most of the same reasons that men do, and that is OK! We use our guns for sport, for camaraderie, to build relationships, for hunting, and yes – for protection.

The media does seem to have a bias that assumes that most female gun owners only want their guns for self defense. That is one of the reasons I bought my first gun.  BUT – I also bought my first gun because my very best male friend really enjoyed the sport, and I was interested in learning more and trying out some of the competitions he enjoyed. It opened up an entire world to me that, in spite of my military career, I had not expected to find. I also discovered that I LOVED everything about guns, tinkering with them, shooting all types, learning every detail I could – and I love that even if I live another 60 years, I will never learn it all. Firearms satisfy the geek in me, learning ballistics, various calibers, which type of firearm is better for a given purpose, how to make that firearm reach optimum performance, optics, and reloading. Firearms give me a goal to be more athletic, focusing on future tactical long range matches and the challenge therein.

Firearms give my daughter and I something fun that we both enjoy to do together. Firearms give me a topic that most of my family and many of my friends are interested in discussing, and since the topic is so broad – almost everyone can teach everyone else something new. Lastly, maybe most importantly, firearms give me security – the knowledge that I have a chance to protect my children, that we are not just sitting ducks, should our home be chosen by a criminal. All of this, and MORE, is why I love my guns.  Ladies, why do you own a gun?  How did you get started? Do you enjoy using your firearm? What is your favorite part about being a knowledgable gun owner?

In my generation, this fight will be won or lost by the way women perceive guns.

~Natalie Foster


Teaching my daughter to shoot!

IMG_5647I have a teenage daughter, and for a number of reasons she never learned to use a firearm yet – until a couple months ago.  When she was young, I was not ready to teach her – she didn’t grow up in a rural area.  As she got older and as a firearm enthusiast began to take shape inside of me, she was not that interested. She has become a lovely young lady, and is more adult everyday, and quite interested now in learning and growing and becoming self-reliant. About six months ago she did tell me she wanted to learn, she was ready. I did get a .22lr Browning Buckmark pistol – the one I have been wanting so that I could teach her when she was ready. We know what happened next – the ammo buying frenzy that made acquiring .22lr next to impossible, no matter how much one was willing to pay. Lately, I have been finding it again – not as cheap as it had been, but good enough (and worth it) if it meant teaching my baby girl to shoot.

How did I teach her? Well, before we ever set foot in the range, over the last few months, she has helped me clean my XD45 and sat with me and asked me lots of questions. Also, as the political firestorm occurred in the media, we talked about the 2nd Amendment and what it means, along with the huge responsibility owning or possessing a firearm brings. We sat together and compared .22lr, 9mm, .45, .223 ammo and discussed the differences and how they were used and how each different caliber would react in it’s respective firearm. Sitting in the comfort of our home, I ensured the firearms were unloaded, showed her how to check if they were unloaded and discussed handling a firearm safely,  This included a discussion on the rules at a gun range. I also used this quiet time to show her how to use her sights, find a good sight picture, and how to hold the gun properly. I knew she was ready to learn, because even though she is a teenager, and sometimes think she knows everything – she listened to every word, and soaked it in like a sponge.

Finally, we went to the range, we discussed safety again, and she read the range rules as posted at our range. Then, I had her watch while I shot a magazine full of .22lr (did I mention how much fun this gun is?) Once I was finished, and she knew what to expect, how loud it would be, and how little it recoils, I had her step up to the bench.  She took a moment to ensure her grip was proper, and then I watched her to ensure everything was safe and I told her to go ahead and pull the trigger.  That girl took to shooting like a fish to water!


The head was her first magazine at 15 yards and the chest was her second at 20 yards.

Here is a video of the second magazine full of ammo she went though.  She is going to be a force to be reckoned with when she is old – watch out boys!


It only makes sense: Permits for Concealed Guns Soar

Conceal CarryI read this in the Wall Street Journal today: A growing number of Americans are getting permission to carry firearms in public—and under their clothes—a development that has sparked concern among some law-enforcement authorities.

Applications for “concealed-carry” permits are soaring in many states, some of which recently eased permit requirements. The numbers are driven in part by concern that renewed gun-control efforts soon could constrain access to weapons, along with heightened interest in self-defense in the wake of mass killings in Newtown, Conn., and Aurora, Colo.  Read more via Permits for Concealed Guns Soar.

Unlike the news media who have been pushing an anti-gun agenda, it seems that many Americans are taking their security into their own hands. This is a win for the 2nd Amendment, for every person who owns, trains, and adopts firearm education as a part of a self-sufficient lifestyle – the stronger our hold on liberty will be.

NRA Women – This is OUR Time!

Screen Shot 2013-05-03 at 8.12.29 PM

This video titled “New Energy” is one of the most powerful, beautiful, and explanatory pieces of work I have seen representing women who celebrate the 2nd Amendment.  I am a female gun enthusiast, and see myself in this video.  This is who I am. This is who most gun owners are.  If you have not yet seen it, take a few minutes and share it with some one who is not too sure – maybe it will help them understand.

How to build a gun room in your home

Screen Shot 2013-03-31 at 8.28.49 PMThere is nothing like having a space set aside in your home just to take care of firearms. Everything from storing, cleaning, maintaining, repairing, changing sights and definitely reloading ammunition!  If you have a gun, you must keep it clean and occasionally perform maintenance on it. If you have several different guns and practice various shooting sports from hunting to competitions, then you will find yourself frequently replacing scopes, sights, building up new loads, changing stocks, etc. The changes one makes to their firearms and the care of these critical tools becomes a very personal endeavor. Even if you do not have a space now, the time will come when you will realize that you NEED a space to properly care for your firearms.

Let me tell you about a gun-room one of my friends built-in their new home for their firearms. The home they purchased was in a nice upper middle class suburban neighborhood, the type with manicured lawns, friendly neighbors, kids riding bikes and people walking dogs.  The basement was mostly finished, except for the room where the water heater and furnace was located.  This room is about 17’x 7′ rectangle.

Gun Room 1

To start out, they finished the walls, hung drywall, painted, and covered the cement floor in epoxy coating. All along the longest wall, they framed out a workbench, added supports for a shelf below the bench and an overhead shelf.

Gun Room 2

Along the wall with the furnace and the water heater they made a shorter bench, this would eventually become the reloading station.  They framed out an upper and lower shelf for the reloading bench as well. One of the most versatile organizational materials for a workshop of any kind is a pegboard back splash. You will see in the photo below, they framed the wall for pegboard.

Gun Room 3

No workspace is complete without good lighting and accessible power:

Gun Room 5

Once the room was finished, I helped them move into the space. I thought moving a kitchen was bad, but moving a room like this is a serious undertaking!

The finished room stocked and ready for almost anything!

The finished room stocked and ready for almost anything!

The water heater was in the corner of one long wall, but they finished the rest of that wall with a short workbench.  This bench would become the reloading bench. The entire length of opposite wall is one very long work bench.  This bench is set up on one end with a vise and other tools for working on firearms.  The other end is set up with all the chemicals, implements, and tools required for cleaning various types of firearms.  My favorite part is the ammunition reloading station on the left hand side of the view, and the Dillon Square B press on the right side of the photo below.

Screen Shot 2013-03-31 at 10.41.21 PM

This room did take some carpentry skill, and about a weeks worth of time and effort – but, when you have a room like this in your home, you are ready for just about anything!  Have you designed the perfect gun-room? Give us ideas of how YOU would make the perfect gun-room!

Colt CEO Asks: Does it make sense to stay in Connecticut?

Screen Shot 2013-03-21 at 5.15.24 PMThe President and CEO of Colt’s Manufacturing Co., Dennis Veilleux, published the following OP-ED in a Connecticut News Paper this week: As a leader of a Connecticut manufacturing business who answers to owners, I can tell you the one question I am asked regularly, “Why does it make sense to stay or grow here?”  For 175 years, Hartford and Connecticut have been our home. The genius and vision of Samuel Colt built a core of manufacturing excellence that helped make Hartford one of the nation’s wealthiest cities and ignited the industrial revolution in the Connecticut River Valley. Amazingly, that heritage continues with a substantial firearms industry and a critical mass of skilled craftsman and machining expertise for aerospace and other precision industries that are the envy of the country.  But this tremendous economic advantage is in grave danger. What’s most astounding is our advantage is not being taken away — it’s being given away.

Colt, for example, manufactures the AR-15 platform rifles in a military version and a very different commercial version. Colt has manufactured the commercial semi-automatic version of the AR (one shot for each trigger pull) since 1963. The AR-15 has evolved into the modern sporting rifle. It is owned and used responsibly by millions of Americans for hunting, target shooting and home defense. This product is the backbone of our business and is very important to us and our customers.

Now Gov. Dannel P. Malloy says that with or without bipartisan consensus, he intends to ban this rifle. But a ban of the most popular semiautomatic rifle in the United States for what are essentially cosmetic reasons would make no one safer and punish a vital Connecticut industry.

Changes are needed to make our communities safer, and there are things we can all agree on to meet this goal. We should focus on keeping firearms out of the wrong hands.

We must strengthen what we know works such as strictly enforcing penalties for those who purchase or possess an illegal firearm. We can build on the existing National Instant Background Checks to bring all appropriate mental health and other records, such as restraining orders, into the system.

We can educate gun owners and enforce laws on the safe storage of firearms in the home (Imagine if the firearms criminally and insanely misused in Newtown had been stored securely.) I have two young children and like so many in our state, I identify with, but can only imagine, the searing pain of those parents who lost children in Newtown. If I thought a ban would make the state and especially its children safer, I could not write these words.

The fact is bans don’t work. We tried to ban alcohol nearly 100 years ago, which just drove a regulated activity underground.

I know one thing that the governor’s proposed ban will do: It will irreparably damage — if not destroy — the brand of any Connecticut firearms manufacturer.

Our customers are unusually brand-loyal. In many cases, they personally identify with the firearm brand they choose. Although our Connecticut heritage has historically enhanced our brand, that will change overnight if we ban the modern sporting rifle.

I will be asked why we should continue to manufacture in a state where the governor would make ownership of our product a felony. I will be asked these questions and, unlike in the past, there will be few good answers.  ~Dennis Veilleux (Colt mfg. CEO)

As a result Colt, as well as other Connecticut manufacturers such as Mossberg and Stag Arms will see immediate erosion in brand strength and market share as customers migrate to manufacturers in more supportive states. This will have consequences for dozens of Connecticut companies and thousands of workers. Connecticut will have put its firearms manufacturing industry in jeopardy: one that contributes $1.7 billion annually to the state’s economy.  Like every other precision manufacturer in Connecticut, Colt is constantly approached by other states to relocate, but our roots here are deep. Colt is and always has been an integral part of a state characterized by hard work, perseverance and ingenuity.

I know, however, that someday soon, I will again be asked why we fight to keep well-paying manufacturing jobs in Connecticut. I will be asked why we should continue to manufacture in a state where the governor would make ownership of our product a felony.

I will be asked these questions and, unlike in the past, there will be few good answers.

Read the story here.

LaRue Tactical Standing Firm With the 2nd Amendment

LarueTonight on LaRue Tactical’s Facebook page, Mark Larue posted his new policy regarding the way his company will deal with new State gun control laws and providing arms to Law Enforcement and other state agencies.  Basically, he is going to only provide LEO up and to the same capability that would be afforded a civilian.  This will allow him to avoid potential lawsuits that could arise due to a misunderstanding in new State gun laws.  If a citizen only needs 7 rounds in New York state, why does a Policeman need more?  If a citizen in California cannot have a detachable magazine, why would LEO?  Hmmmm…..

Mark LaRue, if all sporting goods companies and firearm dealers had the same backbone as you do – we would not be sliding down this slippery gun control slope right now.  Thank you and good luck to you and your company!

02/08/2013 LEANDER, TX. 

Updated Policy for State and Local Agency Law Enforcement Sales: 

Due to the recent and numerous new Anti-gun/Anti-2nd Amendment laws passed and/or pending across our country, LaRue Tactical has been forced to reconsider how we provide products to state and local agencies. 

Effective today, in an effort to see that no legal mistakes are made by LaRue Tactical and/or its employees, we will apply all current State and Local Laws (as applied to civilians) to state and local law enforcement / government agencies. In other words, LaRue Tactical will limit all sales to what law-abiding citizens residing in their districts can purchase or possess. 

State and local laws have always been a serious focus of this firm, and we are now dovetailing that focus with the constitutional rights of the residents covered in their different areas by the old and new regulations. 

We realize this effort will have an impact on this firm’s sales – and have decided the lost sales are less danger to this firm than potential lawsuits from erroneous shipments generated by something as simple as human error. 

Thanks in advance for your understanding. 

Mark LaRue 

** This policy does not apply to Military / Federal Agencies**

Four Senators seek compromise bill on gun-sale background checks

Screen Shot 2013-02-08 at 6.44.10 AMI just read on Fox News that there are four US Senators who are trying to strike a “compromise” on gun control.  The private discussions involve:

  1. Democratic Senator Sen. Chuck Schumer of New York, who is the No. 3 Senate Democratic leader.  The NRA has given Senator Schumer an “F Rating” when it comes to protecting the 2nd Amendment.
  2. Democratic West Virginia Sen. Joe Manchin, an NRA member and one of the chamber’s more moderate Democrats. 
  3. Republican Sen. Tom Coburn, Oklahoma, another NRA member and one of the more conservative lawmakers in Congress
  4. Republican Sen. Mark Kirk of Illinois. Fox News called him a moderate, but he is not moderate when it comes to Gun Control.  He is ready to vote for most any Bill the Senate brings to increase Gun Control. The NRA has given Senator Kirk  an “F Rating” when it comes to protecting the 2nd Amendment.

The deal, given a good chance by several participants and lobbyists, could add formidable political momentum to one of the key elements of President Obama’s gun control plan. Currently, background checks are required only for sales by the nation’s 55,000 federally licensed gun dealers, but not for gun shows, person-to-person sales or other private transactions. 

The senators’ talks have included discussions about ways to encourage states to make more mental health records available to the national system and the types of transactions that might be exempted from background checks, such as sales among relatives or to those who have permits to carry concealed weapons, said people who spoke anonymously because they were not authorized to describe the negotiations publicly.  Read more Here.

Ten Gun Control Steps California is Taking to “One-Up” New York State

California Senate Democrats have unveiled ten legislative actions to curb gun violence in California designed to close loopholes in the existing regulations, keep the circulation of firearms and ammunition out of the hands of dangerous persons, and strengthen education relating to firearms and gun ownership.

 Screen Shot 2013-02-07 at 10.22.32 PM

Here are the 10 actions in the package gun control Bills unveiled today in California.

1.Fixed magazines (Steinberg): Prohibit the future sale, purchase, manufacture, importation, or transfer in California of semi-automatic rifles that can accept detachable magazines.
2.High Capacity magazines (Hancock): Ban possession of large capacity ammunition magazines over 10 rounds.
3.Ban Bullet button (Yee): This legislative action closes the loophole that has allowed the gun industry to flood our communities with modification tools to rapidly detach and replace magazines from semi-automatic rifles.
4.Shotgun Definition (Jackson):  This legislative action updates the definition of a banned shotgun with a revolving cylinder to include the new technology of a shotgun-rifle combination.
5.Requires Ownership Record of all Guns (Steinberg): Applies ownership records consistently across-the-board, ensuring all firearms are recorded, and ensuring that no firearms of any classification are legally accessible to prohibited persons or persons without a background check.
6.Ammunition Purchase Permit (de Leon): Expanding on what Los Angeles and Sacramento are already doing requiring anyone wishing to purchase ammunition in California to obtain a purchase permit first, by passing a full and complete background check.
7.Gun Loans (Block): This legislative action prevents unregulated gun loans, with exceptions, including hunting. To limit legal accessibility of weapons to prohibited persons or persons without a background check.
8.APPS Expansion (Leno): This legislative action prohibits individuals on APPS from residing in a home with any weapons. Expand the APPS list by adding more than two DUIs, other crimes.
9.APPS Enforcement (Leno/Steinberg): This legislative action authorizes DOJ to use existing DROS funding to eliminate the 19,000 backlog of individuals on APPS.
10.Fire arm safety certificate (Block): This legislative action will establish a safety certificate for handguns, mirroring the training currently required annually to lawfully carry a concealed weapon (CCW).
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