A little sugar and a little spice makes everything nice.

Throw in a dash of tomboy, a Springfield XD 45, the need for speed (I love NASCAR), dedication to God and country (US Navy is my flavor) – and a hot pair of red high heels and you get Lil’ Chantilly.

I love firearms of all kinds (but, that is not the only thing that gets me fired up).

If you are looking for an expert on firearms – I am too, I love learning! If you are an expert, feel free to teach me something. If you are learning more everyday, just like I am – I will let you know what I am up to and we can share our knowledge.

I recently retired from the US Navy after nearly 24 years, 10 enlisted, and 14 commissioned – although, let me be clear, my views DO NOT represent those of the US Government or the US Navy.

Look for me also at the gun and gear review site, We Like Shooting, as well as the We Like Shooting podcast sponsored by the Firearms Radio Network.

Anyway, hang around for a while… if you are tough enough to handle it.



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  1. I saw your self-description and am absolutely speechless..Navy One and I have recently gotten acquainted over the past few days…and he just sent me in your direction…I wasn’t aware there were so many of us hanging out here on the web…I’m also a Navy perp and retired to boot…22 years…most spent in the Naval Security Group & Defense Intelligence Agency for the last six years..It’s nice to know someone can shoot…it isn’t me despite all my attempts at it ..as CT in telecommunications I guess I should have, but it never happened ..at least not on active duty..since moving to Texas, however, I took the course, got qualified (just barely), and now I have to apply for the concealed hand gun carry permit…if you try oftne enough & hard enough, success is around the corner..nice to know and nice chatting with you…hope to hear from you…..

    1. Kristen,

      Hello! Very nice to meet you! I was actually a CTM in my younger days. As for the shooting, I am very much like you. The Navy has almost nothing to do with my love of firearms. It is mainly a couple of awesome friends who took the time to teach me, and were patient with me while I grew more comfortable. Now, I cannot get enough! I would say that until about 5 years ago, I was the girl who wanted a gun, but didn’t know where to begin. Now, I still have SO much to learn, but I am not afraid to experiment – and ask questions.

      Navy One just told be you had been stationed in the Azores, me too! I definitely look forward to talking with you more!

  2. Glad you Ladies see the importance of both,The Navy and personal fire arms.I learned to shoot as a youngster growing up in the Mts of Vieginia.Then in boot camp 1974 my CC was a SEAL.We had to learn to feild strip a 1911A1 blindfolded and by feel alone.Trust me,putting it back togather is much harder as that dadbum recoil lug is a Be atch!On ships we had the .45,either Mossburgs or Remingtons,and the M1s and M-14s.It wasnt till I got to Quantico on my only real shore duty that I got to play with the M-16s and 9 mils.Loved my 22 years and still miss it.

      1. Ol’ Salt,

        You are as salty as they come with only one real tour on shore during your entire career? I salute you!

        I learned how to field strip an M1 in Officer Candidate School, with a Marine Drill Instructor standing over me and I ended up pretty dang fast too – but not blind folded, and it wasn’t a 1911! You are awesome! 1911s fit together so much tighter than a old M1 rifle. Thanks for visiting. I’d bet you have some good sea stories, I hope we get to hear one or two from time to time!

  3. WOW, I just discovered you are Navy 21 yrs? how can that be you look like a teenager 😉 My other half trained with one of the SEAL teams and has a best friend that was a SEAL. Lots of SEAL stories and another one is my nephew is currently going to swim in the London Games 2012 this summer and after he finishes swimming he has been accepted into the NAVY SEAL program.

    1. Susan,

      **smile** You are kind but, maybe the camera angle hides the laugh lines around the eyes. Even after all this time in the Navy, I am still in awe of SEALs. I have one good friend I was deployed with (on a ship – not on land) a few years ago, and the stories he would tell always left me with my eyes wide and my mouth hanging open. Thank goodness people exist who are willing and able to do that job! I am still the girl who reads all their biographies, like Chris Kyle, Marcus Luttrell, and others – their stories are epic. Congratulations to your nephew for his swimming accomplishments – to compete in the Olympics alone is fantastic. I am always amazed when I see someone so talented, who could do anything, choose to serve their country. Choosing to do it as a SEAL is even more remarkable, I wish him all the best. As for training with SEALs – THAT would be a BLAST! What an interesting world you guys live in – good stuff!

  4. I just found your site thanks to Facebook! I am an older gal, but still think I’m 18! LOL! I want to Thank You for your service, and anyone else on here!
    I am new to handguns, I have my “Baby”, an SR9, and we are inseperable! I’d love to be able to shoot more than we do(2 to 3 times a month), it just ammo is expensive on our budget!
    Why did I buy a gun at the age of 58? Simple, it’s getting crazy out here! I used to shoot Skeet with my Dad, and actualyl made Jr. Skeet Champ when I was 17. Handguns are more fun!!!! So, don’t feel bad, I’m learnin’ too!
    Talk at ya later!

    1. LadyRuger – I am so glad you are here! I love that you decided to get a gun (especially after a pretty good break from firearms.) And SO glad that you take the time to get out and practice when you can. (Ammo is REALLY expensive, kinda like gas we’d hate to not have it when we need it!) I have never tried skeet shooting before, it looks like a fun sport though. A couple weeks back a group of us were out at the range, and I got to shoot so many different kinds of handguns, I am never going to get tired of that kind of experience – nothing but fun! I hope you’ll check back from time to time and share what you are up to. I love to hear the stories, and all the perspectives of ladies like you out there.

  5. Stagnant in pursuing what I will prevail in persuing; my love for handguns, America, and good old fashioned women fun! Busy with the advent of my new marriage. However, the time has come to go forth with a goal I began two years ago and had put on hold.

    Your twitter pic embodied my perception and reality of a woman and her handgun! Thanks for the inspiration.


  6. Chantilly~
    You are such an inspiration t all of us women. For many reasons! Thank you for creating ths site. It s fabulous! I enjoy it and red it every chance get! I salute you for all of your dedication to the armed forces for the years you have served. You have quite the knowdge, without the conceite. That is vey classy. I am honoredand humbled to be a part of your prestious site! Hope it becomes nationwide and we (women) can make shooting a more common thing among us “sister’s” of the world today! Kudo’s to YOU!!!! <3
    Shannon ~_~

    1. Shannon –

      What a kind and generous comment! I am the one who is honored to have someone like you spend any of your valuable time reading my thoughts and joining in on the conversation. Today, the burst of negativity on my FB page was turned to support and kindness by the readers, and then I check my comments here to find this one, I have to tell you it really lifts my spirits!

      I am not going anywhere, and I am glad to have you along for the journey – we ladies are on our way to big things!

      I hope you have a wonderful evening and will talk to you again soon!

      ~Lil Chantilly

  7. Hey there!
    I follow you on twitter and just found your site! I tend to have the SIGflu, it started about 4 yrs ago….then I got into the old rifles. I have a couple Swiss K31s that are a dream to shoot, 7.5×55 is a little spendy so I started reloading for those and my 6.5 Swede…My latest purchase was a SIG M400 Enhanced….my first AR! I love it!
    I do tend to gravitate toward SIG for the handguns…..in fact all of mine are except for one.
    I just really enjoy everything about shooting….and that includes stripping, cleaning, reloading and learning all I can…
    Take good care and see ya on the timeline!

    ~ Ellen

  8. Navy San Diego? Ever been on the USS PELELIU? I served on her from ’93-97. Boatswain’s Mate. Caught you again on This Week In Guns last week with Jake and the gang. Great show. Have a good one.

    1. Randall, thanks for writing! I have been onboard PELELIU, but not underway. My current job requires me to take care all all PACFLT ships for a couple different warfare areas. That gives me a reason to visit many! They might actually Decom her in the next couple years!

  9. Hello from another Navy vet, 1966-1970, Naval Security Group Detachment, assigned to com7thfleet. VietNam vet, 1968-1970 served aboard CLG6 USS Providence one year, then transferred to CLG5 USS Oklahoma City next year as
    flag was passed 26 total months non-rotated most of time burning up the 6 inch guns, but when we did hit far east ports it was great! Watch the we like shooting usually a day or 2 after the live show on youtube and enjoy your input and you certainly add a lot of class to the show. Found this site and your youtube channel and will follow that also. Happy Retirement and look forward to more of your reviews and comments. (a shellback also, if you are familiar with that).
    Thanks for you service!

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