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Episode 1: First Trip to the Range
For many women a public range can actually be the one barrier to picking up a gun, simply because they don’t know what to expect. Join host Natalie Foster (@natalietweets or @girlsguidetoguns) as she explains how to make a first timer’s trip to the range educational, stress-free and FUN!



3 Replies to “LOVE AT FIRST SHOT”

  1. THanks so much for posting! Just wanted to let you know that @natalie foster is not my twitter handle – it belongs to someone who worked on the Obama campaign- not me! 🙂 Try @natalietweets or @girlsguidetoguns Thanks again!

  2. Natalie, I should have checked that (I will update ASAP!) I just pasted the copy sent from my friends at NRAWomen. I have to commend you on this series, the first episode is absolute perfection and I’ll be sharing every episode here. I know we share the same goals – pulling more women in to the shooting world! Great job!


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