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Empowering is the key word for the dinner I attended last evening, celebrating women in the firearms industry.  I had the opportunity to assist Nikki Turpeaux from Archangel Tactical in conducting interviews of all the sponsors of the event for the Firearms Radio Network.  I met so many amazing, smart, beautiful, second amendment supporting women.  Among the ladies I had a chance to talk to were Natalie Foster from Girls Guide to Guns and Athena from Gun Goddess, I have been a fan of both of them for a very long time.  The event was hosted by Jacquelyn Kelly, owner of Armed in Heels and Britney Starr, owner of Starr & Bodill African Safaris

These ladies were a slice of each piece of the industry, instructors, competitors, bloggers and commentators, CEOs, you name it – they were there.  Women are laced throughout the history of firearms, they are powerful here in the present, and they are THE FUTURE of the industry as a whole. They are the key to maintaining our Second Amendment rights.

A big thank you to Britney and Jacquelyn for hosting such a fabulous event!

Isn’t this blog called “HEELS” and handguns?



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  1. Everything in this world is like a puzzle – not complete until all the pieces are in place. Our 2A rights are the same way. Not complete until all the pieces are in place. The ladies are another large part to maintaining 2A rights and it is nice to see them joining in! Besides, my wife and I always go to the range together and I cannot imagine being there without her. God bless!! Michael

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