Screen Shot 2014-01-01 at 1.09.59 PMI was blessed to receive many great gifts this Christmas season, including two new range bags! I have been using one rather large bag for all my range purposes. I decided that I could now have the luxury of have a rifle range bag and a pistol range bag. As I was cleaning out my old bag, the same rugged bag I have had for five years, I decided it was still in near perfect condition and would become my rifle range bag in the future. The new bags I received for Christmas are a lot smaller, and would serve very well when I head out to the pistol range near my home.

Since I was going to take everything out of my bag and reorganize it, I thought you would like to see what I take to the range.  I would love to hear what you take to the range, and if you have any suggestions on other items I should include in the future!  The video below will show you everything I had in my old range bag.



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  1. Lil, long time no see. Here are a few things that I have that you may want to consider: Lubricants and cleaning solutions, old clean wash-cloth for sweaty/greasy hands, individually packaged hand wipes for grease and lead removal, silicon gun cloth, bug spray (I’m in SC!), sun block (SPF 50+, I’m a red-head!).

    I also have an Israeli bandage. Some may think it overkill, but if you ever have to apply your own bandage it is indispensable. Even if you never shoot by yourself one can never depend on others. I need to add some clotting compound to my kit.

    As I do some instructing I have some extra holsters, heavy belts, hats, and light-duty rain gear. Also: stopwatch, whistle and Motrin.

    As for tools I try to insure there is an actual need for each. A large adjustable wrench or allen wrench that only fits my transmission gets left in the car boot.

    I have a John Wayne and a handcuff key on my key ring, one just never knows.

    Probably have forgotten something, maybe later. Happy New Year.

  2. Like a magic trick bag. Not sure what you had in the cleaning kit, but sooner or later you will get “something” stuck in a barrel. (dirt, squib load etc) so I’d suggest a cleaning rod. The fold up things are ok for cleaning, but they won’t push something stuck out.

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