Screen Shot 2013-11-11 at 4.26.30 PMI drove out to the range today, thinking about how thankful I am to have had the opportunity to serve this country for decades of my life. How thankful I am for the many friends, family, and fellow countrymen who have dedicated the best years of their life in direct service to the United States of America. How far too many gave the ultimate sacrifice. I traveled out past the beautiful countryside an hour east of San Diego, the morning sun rising in the sky. My rifle and range bag ready for some fun.  I decided to listen to an Episode of Gun Guy Radio, this one was titled “Survival 22LR RimFire Rifles“. The military is never far from my mind, but even I can become complacent. You know, how I might think, “Yea! I have a day off, I have time to go to the rifle range!” Well, Jake Challand finished his opening discussion about upcoming events and then mentioned it was Veteran’s Day, and how proud he is that so many of the personalities on the Firearms Radio network are veterans. In fact, on our “We Like Shootingpodcast and review site, we have four veterans alone.  Jake then gave me pause and pulled me back to Veterans Day and the real reason for the holiday.

I heard somber military music playing in the background and Jake began to tell a story from Gettysburg during the Civil War, and how the out come of that battle, according to historians, may have changed the outcome of numerous wars since then. His telling was heartfelt, the production was beautiful, and the result of that story (and the lessons to be learned from it) simply extraordinary.

Please, listed to this episode of Gun Guy Radio. He did get to the discussion on 22LR Rifles and you’ll learn a lot from that as well, but the lesson of the Butterfly Effect during the Civil War is a greater lesson we sometimes forget – YOU can make a difference, we all can. You just have to do something!

You can listen HERE or download HERE.



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