NRA Women’s Tips & Tactics: Range Etiquette

Dianna Liedorff explains the 180, as well as other aspects of range etiquette. Dianna is a nearly 20-year veteran of the Tulsa, Oklahoma, Police Department. She’s also a rising star in the sport of 3-gun competition and is a member of the FNH USA shooting team.



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2 thoughts on “NRA Women’s Tips & Tactics: Range Etiquette

  1. Good tips. When I ran ranges, EVERYBODY picked up brass if they fired. Even had a 1 Star General come to qual with his M9. When he was done shooting (and he fired expert) he bent down and started to pick up his brass. Being a good NCO and knowing he had more important things to do, I told him we’d take care of his brass on the ground. He said something about setting an example and picked up the rest. Good guy.
    I had other rules I added. “If you do such and such, we’ll kick you off my range. If you are unsafe, and shoot somebody else, we’ll will shoot you!”
    I got a lot of looks, but never had any problems and Nobody ever got shot on my ranges.

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