Cabo, the one year old German Shepherd, made his debut on my blog earlier this week. If you wanted a better look at my beautiful friend – here he is! Do you have a German Shepherd? He is the smartest dog I have ever met, sweet, athletic, and fun. He loves everyone he meets – and loves visiting Bass Pro, so if you see him there, stop and say hello!




2 Replies to “Due to Popular Demand: Meet Cabo the German Shepherd!”

  1. Beautiful animal! (I’m sure he’d say “Who’s an animal?”) I highly recommend getting his hips x-rayed for signs of dysplasia at 18 months. I also recommend Dasuquin Soft Chews with MSM, Platinum Performance Bits, and Wellactin. Just my personal experience with Labs. How does he like his Wubba? Mine loves hers.

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