While I have said many times that, as a gun owner, I do not believe I would have made the same decisions as Mr. Zimmerman did that night in Florida, but I believe the jury applied the law correctly. Still, he ends up in the news more than anyone I can imagine. I know this incident must have affected his life in ways we cannot even imagine. Still, if it were me, if I were acquitted in this case where it seemed public opinion was so against him, I would be a model citizen for a long long time – maybe even forever. I would feel as if I were given a second chance to do life better. What do you think is going on here? I realize there are not enough details, maybe his wife knew she’d get him in big trouble by saying these things even if they aren’t true. This sad story is just weaving it’s way into a darkened dead end road. I pray that these people find a way to rise above this nonsense and find a better path for their lives.

Read the breaking news story here:
From Fox News: George Zimmerman’s estranged wife has called police to her father’s home Monday, saying the former neighborhood watch volunteer who was acquitted of the murder of Trayvon Martin threatened her with a gun.

Zimmerman was questioned by police, then released.

Earlier, he was in investigative detention and was being held handcuffed in the back of a police cruiser — a procedure until probable cause is established for an arrest, Lake Mary Deputy Chief Colin Morgan told Fox News.

Lake Mary Police Chief Steve Bracknell says Shellie Zimmerman called police shortly after 2 p.m.

Bracknell told the Associated Press that officers are at the house trying to determine what happened. “We’ve only heard one side of the story so far,” Bracknell said.



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  1. Both of their stuff is in the camper on the property. GZ likely came to pick some stuff up, got into an argument w/her over a piece of furniture and got back into his car but waited on the cops since she called them.
    So, GZ was in his car. SZ was outside and so was her father. When she called sounding all panicky, dispatch told her to go inside if she felt threatened by GZ sitting in his car. Neither side pressed civil charges, meaning there were no criminal charges that could be filed. And that both sides had something that could be civilly an issue if they wanted to make it one.
    Meaning SZ lied to dispatch on the phone. The worst of what she claimed was that GZ bloodied his father in law’s nose and ‘kept putting his hand on his gun’, which is in a waist holster, while sitting in the car. Adjusting it when he moved, probably.
    btw, the ‘bloodied nose’ turned into a possible mark on SZ’s father’s face.

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