Screen Shot 2013-09-28 at 11.07.58 AMWhy did I title the article as I did? You will have to listen to Episode 005 and 006 to get the back story. The group of firearms enthusiasts over at and I have been busy conjuring up great new firearms content to discuss on our podcast sponsored by the Firearms Radio Network.  It would mean so much to me if you would go to iTunes, subscribe and listen to our weekly show.  It is typically published for download every Thursday Afternoon.Since I last discussed the podcast, we have released four more episodes:

EPISODE 003: – Pivothead wearable imaging, GoTac, Suppressed Armament Systems and the Arbiter Suppressor, Laserlyte sight removal tool, Red Rider BB guns, and a CMC 3.5lb AR Trigger.

EPISODE 004: – This was a bonus episode, the first in the WeLikeShooting Podcast interview series. Shawn, who is based out of Colorado Springs, CO, had the opportunity to interview incoming State Senator, Bernie Herpin about the Colorado recall election, gun control and what is next for the citizens of Colorado.

EPISODE 005: Our Guest this week was one of the founders of the Rocky Mountain Tactical Ladies, Germaine.  Ladies, you would love this group based in the Colorado Springs, CO area! Germaine discussed her opinion of the Remora holster and a conceal carry purse from Gun Tote’N Mamas.  The panel also discussed Remington Versa Max TacticalMayflower Plate CarrierSpringfield Operator TRP, Bushnell 8x binocularsRibz Front Pack, and I discussed my opinion the the XDS 9mm compared the the XDS .45ACP.  Germaine is really busy this week out in Utah at the USPSA nationals, but I hope to do an interview with her when she returns about her group, how they came about and  what types of activities they run. She is quite inspirational!

EPISODE 006:  Our Guest this week was popular You-Tuber Hank Strange. He makes fun and extremely informative videos. We discussed swapping our Remington Stock to an Accuracy International Chassis System, Bullpup Shoot 2013ProMag “M4”style shotgun stock, forward grips for YouTuber Savage1R’s Kel Tec Sub2k, Aero Precision Continuous Optics Platform upper receiver, SCCY CPX-2 for conceal carry, and the SureStrikeTM Ultimate LE Edition from

This is not only an informative hour of information, but we also have some fun.  In each episode we add someone or some group to the “2nd Amendment Hall of Shame”, we answer listener questions (if your question is answered on the air, you will get a free T-Shirt), we talk about our favorite gun related websites, and we even go Ballistic on some of the infuriating news items of the week.

I think if you listen to a couple episodes, you will get hooked.  Our podcast has the feel of a group of friends, all with different firearms preferences, hanging out and talking about guns – who wouldn’t enjoy that?

If you like what you hear – PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE leave us a review on iTunes! (Thank you.)



2 Replies to “Tactical Juice Boxes and Tactical Spoons!”

  1. Definitely going to give this a listen soon – just got back to CA from more “gun friendly” Minnesota and very much so North Dakota. Had a chance to browse some impressive gun collections in Fargo.

    1. Ryan,

      Thanks – it would mean a lot to me if you took the time. I hope you like it! Just so you know, we try to have a guest every week and they might be people from the industry or it might be gun you-tubers or other gun bloggers too. Some of your experiences and adventures like your recent trip would be very interesting to talk about!

      – Lil

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