I live in San Diego, which is one of the more conservative areas of California. Tonight in our news paper, the San Diego Union Tribune, they showed the results of a poll that asked:

Do you favor background checks on Ammo?

I was afraid to click on the results, because it is frustrating to see gun related negativity constantly.

I was surprised… The photo below shows the results! (There are pockets of awesomeness in California still!)

Screen Shot 2013-09-06 at 9.42.59 PM



2 Replies to “Do you favor background checks on Ammo?”

  1. The ONLY gun control law ever passed in CA that makes any sense…the Handgun Safety Certificate. You have to take and pass a written test and show you can safely handle a handgun before you can buy one. of course you have to pay the state a fee and re new it every 5 years (like you might forget something?)
    Exempt are cops, military and retired folks form those places and a limited few others.
    However, a person could have retired from being a cook in the Army and had never even shot a handgun, and they don’t need the lic. However, a person who was an MP, Special Forces but did NOT retire, had to take the test.
    Why, because the dummies who wrote the law had to screw up part of it.

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