Screen Shot 2013-09-04 at 12.44.43 AMJohn Morse and Angela Giron campaigned on the promise that they would focus on jobs and the economy. What they actually did was lead an extreme partisan war against the 2nd Amendment – against the wishes of their constituents. The outcome of the drastic gun control measures has been downright outrage from a large number of citizens of Colorado, and beyond the recall in Pueblo and Colorado Springs, these bills were even the catalyst for a portion of Northern Colorado rallying a succession campaign.

Voters in Pueblo and Colorado Springs will decide on September 10th whether to recall their state senators for gun legislation passed during the 2013 legislative session. Only residents within their districts in Colorado Springs and Pueblo get to vote.

This is the state I grew up in.  I lived out in a small town on the plains, the kind of town that was full of hardworking people.  People who take care of their families and pass the values of self-reliance down to their children. This is the state of which I remain a citizen. If the elections were held in the district I am registered in, I would fly to Colorado this week just to vote if that was required. 

Have you ever tweeted, posted on FB, or had a passionate conversation with a friend about your gun rights? Do you live in one of the affected districts? This is your moment to make a statement. This is your time to tell the world the American voices will be heard! If every single person pro second Amendment gets out and votes, you will be able to recall these two senators.  You CAN do this.  If you are willing and able to accomplish this feat, you will again be able to vote for either party (I know that we have firearms enthusiasts on both sides) and I have a feeling that anyone in Colorado for the foreseeable future will think twice about voting for gun control.  

When you throw these two people out of office who were more interested in appeasing the fat cats on the east coast in the face of the horrific shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary than pausing to find common sense solutions that really might make a difference, like helping single mothers get their mentally ill sons health care, you will tip the scales.  You will start a snowball rolling that is going to gain momentum across the country. We have the power, we are the people. 

All you have to do is the one thing that people are and have been willing to die for:  VOTE.



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  1. THIS vote really counts for the future of this nation….If these type of politicians are allowed to remain in office…..then the future votes may well be cast with your index finger…I pray not…….VOTE these type politicians out of office…

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