Screen Shot 2013-08-31 at 7.09.33 AMIn the early morning hours of January 7, 2007, Christopher Newsom and his girlfriend Channon Christian were car-jacked and held captive in a house on Chipman Street in Knoxville, Tennessee. Both were raped, tortured and killed. Newsom’s body was discovered in the vicinity that afternoon burning alongside railroad tracks. Christian’s body was found stuffed in a trashcan inside the house a couple of days later. Five people were arrested in connection with the crime.  This week, Glenn Beck covered their story to highlight the reality that evil does exist. You can go to this link to watch a video of Mr. Beck’s interview with both sets of parents regarding the horrific details of the crime. The below video is Channon’s dad, he is imploring all parents to give your kids a fighting chance by teaching them to defend themselves.

I listen to “The Survival Podcast” by Jack Spirko regularly, and one of his favorite things to say is:  Security is the most important preparation you make, and if you need it, security is the preparation that you will have the least amount of time to acquire. Mr. Spirko also frequently says, many people will go their whole lives with nothing bad happening to them, and so they underestimate the need for security. The problem is, even if nothing bad happened to you for 43 years, the moment evil does happen to cross your path – in that moment, it will be to late to prepare. Self-Defense can include general self-defense classes, martial arts classes, non-lethal options for defense (such as pepper spray) up to the actual use of a firearms.

The contents of this article are the main reason I started this blog. We must teach ourselves and teach our children to be good citizens and to be the sheepdogs of society. As Mr. Christian said in the video, there will never be enough police, enough security guards, etc. to ensure your personal safety throughout the day. You must take this responsibility and own it. If you have not started yet, today is a great day to begin thinking about your family’s security and self-defense plans.



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  1. After all this time, this is finally making the national news. The question was constantly asked why this wasn’t being covered by the big stations. They covered the anti-gun propaganda but never this and rarely pro-gun. Our media has deserted us.

  2. My sister was raped at age 8. I still remember her with tears streaming down her face and a bruise on her neck the shape of a man’s hand. He was dragging her to his vehicle when our young puppy, the only one her heard her, ran and bit the guys leg. She was able to break free and run for help. Her nightmares have never ended 50 years later. On that day I vowed to always have a dog. I carry my 38 revolver with me when ever I can.

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