Screen Shot 2013-07-14 at 7.53.14 PMNatalie Foster is the creator of Girls Guide to Guns and more recently an NRA Commentator, she represents our community with flair, intelligence, class and a little sass. I saw the video below today, and love the message within, she is right – ladies all love their guns for their own reasons.  We love our guns for most of the same reasons that men do, and that is OK! We use our guns for sport, for camaraderie, to build relationships, for hunting, and yes – for protection.

The media does seem to have a bias that assumes that most female gun owners only want their guns for self defense. That is one of the reasons I bought my first gun.  BUT – I also bought my first gun because my very best male friend really enjoyed the sport, and I was interested in learning more and trying out some of the competitions he enjoyed. It opened up an entire world to me that, in spite of my military career, I had not expected to find. I also discovered that I LOVED everything about guns, tinkering with them, shooting all types, learning every detail I could – and I love that even if I live another 60 years, I will never learn it all. Firearms satisfy the geek in me, learning ballistics, various calibers, which type of firearm is better for a given purpose, how to make that firearm reach optimum performance, optics, and reloading. Firearms give me a goal to be more athletic, focusing on future tactical long range matches and the challenge therein.

Firearms give my daughter and I something fun that we both enjoy to do together. Firearms give me a topic that most of my family and many of my friends are interested in discussing, and since the topic is so broad – almost everyone can teach everyone else something new. Lastly, maybe most importantly, firearms give me security – the knowledge that I have a chance to protect my children, that we are not just sitting ducks, should our home be chosen by a criminal. All of this, and MORE, is why I love my guns.  Ladies, why do you own a gun?  How did you get started? Do you enjoy using your firearm? What is your favorite part about being a knowledgable gun owner?

In my generation, this fight will be won or lost by the way women perceive guns.

~Natalie Foster




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    1. Natalie,

      Thank you for the kind words! This video captured exactly the way I feel, and I thought it was so perfect I had to share it. You are quite an inspiration and I am honored that stopped by for a visit…. Thank you for being exactly the type of spokesperson that the gun community, as a whole, needs.


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