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Gun-rights advocates are planning a rally at the same park where a group will read the names of gun violence victims on the anniversary of the Colorado theater shootings, prompting a state lawmaker to call the move “a slap in the face.”  Both start at noon. State Parks spokeswoman Jennifer Churchill said the groups were issued permits for locations that are within sight of each other, but she didn’t know the distance. She said park rangers and law officers would be present to keep the peace. Read more via

The Remembrance ceremony is sponsored by Mayors against Illegal Guns (funded by New York City Mayor Bloomberg), so I do understand the reason that Rocky Mountain Gun Owners (RMGO) plans to do a simultaneous protest, the only problem is that the general public who does not care one way or another will not see it that way. The Denver Post has advertised the Bloomberg sponsored Remembrance ceremony and they did mention that it is sponsored by Bloomberg’s group, MAIG. Still, they made it seem like it was THE memorial. To the uneducated public, this will look like the RMGO are insensitive, as the media will only mention the pro gun rally on the TV News.  A quick Google search will show you that nearly all the articles about this event include a title about the insensitivity of gun-rights groups. Some battles are better fought another way. The best thing these pro-gun people can do is stuff envelopes, register like minded voters, get petitions signed, work social media and make phone calls to get the word out about the next chances to vote these people and their laws out of our lives!

To the person who does not care about guns at all, the Bloomberg sponsored ceremony will look like a respectful way to remember the victims of the Aurora Theater Shooting. The RMGO group will look like they are taking advantage of a situation and like they are using poor taste, no matter what. I am actually a fan of most of the things RMGO does, I follow them, I am a Colorado resident, but this will be spun as poor taste and I believe will do more harm than good for the perception of gun owners in Colorado. There are other ways. They should quietly attend a different memorial, they could call for volunteerism among their ranks to make the world a better place for a day, they could all just stay home and do nothing for that one day and they will end up ahead. Even though I agree with their agenda 100%, this is not the way, this is not the way at all.  Do they have public relations representatives within their organization?  Or maybe they hired Paula Deen’s PR people.  I hope they rethink this, just the fact they thought of it looks bad.  This is my opinion, what do you think?

P.S. Remember that when they call themselves “Mayors Against Illegal Guns” they don’t just mean the guns that are currently illegal.  They have every intention of making the firearm you already lawfully own illegal as well. 



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