IMG_5647I have a teenage daughter, and for a number of reasons she never learned to use a firearm yet – until a couple months ago.  When she was young, I was not ready to teach her – she didn’t grow up in a rural area.  As she got older and as a firearm enthusiast began to take shape inside of me, she was not that interested. She has become a lovely young lady, and is more adult everyday, and quite interested now in learning and growing and becoming self-reliant. About six months ago she did tell me she wanted to learn, she was ready. I did get a .22lr Browning Buckmark pistol – the one I have been wanting so that I could teach her when she was ready. We know what happened next – the ammo buying frenzy that made acquiring .22lr next to impossible, no matter how much one was willing to pay. Lately, I have been finding it again – not as cheap as it had been, but good enough (and worth it) if it meant teaching my baby girl to shoot.

How did I teach her? Well, before we ever set foot in the range, over the last few months, she has helped me clean my XD45 and sat with me and asked me lots of questions. Also, as the political firestorm occurred in the media, we talked about the 2nd Amendment and what it means, along with the huge responsibility owning or possessing a firearm brings. We sat together and compared .22lr, 9mm, .45, .223 ammo and discussed the differences and how they were used and how each different caliber would react in it’s respective firearm. Sitting in the comfort of our home, I ensured the firearms were unloaded, showed her how to check if they were unloaded and discussed handling a firearm safely,  This included a discussion on the rules at a gun range. I also used this quiet time to show her how to use her sights, find a good sight picture, and how to hold the gun properly. I knew she was ready to learn, because even though she is a teenager, and sometimes think she knows everything – she listened to every word, and soaked it in like a sponge.

Finally, we went to the range, we discussed safety again, and she read the range rules as posted at our range. Then, I had her watch while I shot a magazine full of .22lr (did I mention how much fun this gun is?) Once I was finished, and she knew what to expect, how loud it would be, and how little it recoils, I had her step up to the bench.  She took a moment to ensure her grip was proper, and then I watched her to ensure everything was safe and I told her to go ahead and pull the trigger.  That girl took to shooting like a fish to water!

The head was her first magazine at 15 yards and the chest was her second at 20 yards.

Here is a video of the second magazine full of ammo she went though.  She is going to be a force to be reckoned with when she is old – watch out boys!




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  1. Nicely done, and I have one suggestion (FWIW), get her out of the habit of prairie dogging the sights, either lower the pistol and reset between shots, or ride the recoil and stay on the sights as the trigger resets. It’s MUCH easier to break that habit now rather than later. And I just put a post up on caliber wars, including video of recoil on various pistols including the .22 that might be of interest.

    1. OldNFO – thanks for the feedback! I did read your caliber war article, loved it! You really put some serious thought into it, and backed it up with data and practical application. Good stuff!

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