NRAW_Social_Media_T&T_KimHeathI am excited to tell you about a new “Tips & Tactics” series from NRA Women, with the first episode to be released tomorrow.  I would like to thank NRA Women for sending me an advance preview. If the first video, “Rifle Manipulating” by Kim Heath is any indication, this is going to be a great resource both for those ladies just starting out learning how more experienced ladies operate their firearms, to the more seasoned female shooter, as there is always something new to learn. This series is designed to provide weekly tips a lady can take to the range each week. You can look forward to a new short video with a new tip or tactic every Thursday.

Have you ever had a firearms instructor, or other male friend try to explain to you how to clear a rifle malfunction, but due to their strong upper body strength, they make it look much easier than it seems when you try to clear your rifle?  Watch this video by Kim Heath as she gives you an alternate plan for holding the rifle, and allowing a nearly infinite hold while you check for malfunctions or reload your rifle. Thank you for the tip Kim!



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