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Today I had the good fortune of lunching with two of my favorite Bloggers! I told you about them just a couple days ago. Old NFO is from the East Coast, but happened to be in town on business and invited Navy One (from the Mellow Jihadi) and me to lunch. not only was the conversation fabulous, but the food was delicious Рjust right. We went to Point Loma Seafood, one of the best places to get all types of seafood.  You can dine in and eat from their menu, or you can make a selection of many types of fresh fish to take home and prepare your self. Did I mention the view of the harbor from the restaurant? It was a great day gentlemen, hope to see you again soon!

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  1. It was great to see both of you, and I’m counting today as the ONE good meal of the trip, not only for the food but the company! ūüôā Thanks for coming out!

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