This story touched my heart today: A Sailor here in San Diego found a puppy who was severely injured (likely NOT an accidental injury). He rushed the tiny puppy to the Emergency Vet and then paid a hefty Hospital Bill out of his own pocket for a surgery to repair the damage. Sadly, despite his generosity and the skilled work of the Vet, the tortured puppy died anyway.  I do not know the rank of the Sailor, Weylin Morton, but odds are (based on numbers) that he is enlisted, and that this bill could be as much as one of his paychecks.

According to Pet Emergency & Specialty Center, they will reimburse Morton his money if others would like to donate to help cover the bill. Those who would like to help can directly contact Pet Emergency & Specialty Center at 619-591-4802 and make a donation in the name of Weylin Morton or pit bull puppy found in Chula Vista, CA. I am sharing this here and hope that my readers will either donate a few dollars or share this story with those who might.

Thank you to Navy One who shared this story with his readers as well.  Mr. Morton – you made an honorable attempt to save a life, I am proud to call you a Shipmate. Thank you for being a counter balance to the heartless monster that caused the death of this puppy.

UPDATE: I found out that this generous Sailor is Second Class Petty Officer (MA2). What this means to those who are not in the military, he basically handed over more than one of his paychecks to attempt to save the life of this puppy. Whether you are an animal lover or not, this was a very selfless thing for him to do.  If we all tried to do one very kind thing everyday, this country would start to resemble the country we read about in the history books.

MA2 Morton – again, I salute you for trying to make the world a better place!



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