Please go read this article by my friend, Shawn, at if you are interested in a historical bolt action rifle that has stood the test of time.

The Winchester Model 70 is one of the most well known bolt action rifles off all time.  It has been known for years and generations as as  “the rifleman’s rifle” and has been around when history was made on more then a few occasions. The rifle was gifted to us in the ancient year of 1936 and set the standard for every bolt gun to follow. It has not always been well respected though, after a change in the way it was made in 1964 it took a beating.  For this writing I will be talking about what is known as the “pre ’64″ Model 70 only. Read a lot more via Model 70 Pre 64 Varmint / Target Sights, Optics and Accessories.



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