So many of my readers have told me stories about how their grandparents are the one who taught them how to shoot, or that they would bond while hunting or shooting with their grandfather or grandmother. These stories hold a special place in my heart. My grandma and grandpa were great outdoorsmen, they loved to be outside and I spent many a summer with them up in the Colorado mountains, those memories bring me happiness.

Are you a little on the “seasoned” side? Please go check out the Old Gunhand blog. I dug around on their site a little today, and there is so much knowledge there – they can teach us all something!  Kinda like a fireside chat with your favorite grandpa out in the woods. The Old Gunhand himself says:

Most of us have been there and done that and have the scars and tee shirts to prove it. It is a place where you can draw upon the accumulated years of experience gained by old geezers and forever young ladies whose knowledge is not based on internet hearsay.

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