If you only have a few minutes, and you want to see some of the best gun friendly content around, please visit my friends!!

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We Like Shooting is a great website with several knowledgable contributors (all quite different from each other) and they cover everything from guns, gun gear, gadgets, and even some survival items!  Take a minute and say hello – just a group of really great folks who LOVE their guns!  (Full disclosure, I do contribute to this site too, but I swear – the rest of the writers are MUCH more knowledgable than I am!)

Old NFO is one of those people who has mad experience, both in the military and with firearms, and knows how to tell a story. Try to only visit him for a minute, I have a feeling it will be like Lays potato chips, one is never enough!

Loose Rounds is chock full of technical knowledge, they have a group of writers there as well, and I can only hope to know 1/2 of the knowledge they probably take for granted.

One of the new friends I have made blogging is Suzy Toronto – she is everything I love about being a strong, intelligent woman.  She has positive energy to spare, loves this country and she loves her firearms too!

The Spent Round is a good Pro 2nd Amendment Site – give them some love!

The Mellow Jihadi is a fellow Naval Officer and is an extremely good writer, he has a couple other contributors as well, one Ex Royal Marines Commando, and one very recently retired, extremely intelligent and awesomely funny Navy Commander. They talk a lot about the military, and within that you will find a good amount of gun talk.  Check them out!

What?  I listed six blogs?  Well, just be thankful – it is rare that you get more than you were hoping for in this day and age!  Happy reading, tell them I sent you – enjoy!



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