Some of the ammo I have found in recent weeks - put I was digging like a '49er in them thar hills looking for it!
Some of the ammo I have found in recent weeks, but I was digging like a ’49er in “them thar” hills looking for it!

Ammunition will always be one of those commodities that would serve as protection should times get “tough” but it would also double as a form of currency, as there would be plenty of people who would want it and might be willing to trade goods or services for it in a bad situation. If we thought that the government was about to start seriously controlling other life sustaining items such as food or water, or even simply the use of power or batteries, or generators, these items would also disappear, as the supply would not keep up with the demand. The same thing has occurred with ammunition.  Due to the very heavy push toward the most stringent gun laws this country has ever seen, and the constant continuous push that remain at the state level, gun owners and gun rights advocates have every right to be concerned that their 2nd Amendment rights will be controlled in one way or another. There has NOT been a major election since the rush of bills at the Federal and State levels were brought to a vote. Yes, the Federal Bills were narrowly defeated, but several state legislatures (California, New York, Colorado, to name a few) have shoved stifling new laws down the throats of their people. I did a search for the word “gun” on this morning, and thank God for gun blogs, because in three pages of “News” results from the last 24 hours, there was only one “gun rights” article, but there was page after page full of lists of gun control slanted articles. The same law-makers still sit in the seats that control our fate, and the same media fed from the large metro areas spin their firearms stories with Screen Shot 2013-07-07 at 11.07.55 AMgun control in mind. This war is not over, and we cannot even relax as long as there is so much power on the gun control side still residing in Congress and the State houses across this nation.  I understand why the ammunition is in such high demand, I just hope that people who are in such a frenzy to buy all the ammo they can get their hands on find the same fervor to make it to the polls at their first opportunity and VOTE! Only when we have like-minded people running our country will we be able to take a breath.

Here is the news story that fired me up this morning, it was titled as if the ammunition shortage was over, but when I read the article it was actually opposite:

While there are plenty of guns for sale across the United States, gun owners are scrambling for bullets. A lingering shortage of ammunition and the availability of supplies for making bullets is driving prices up. Some sellers took advantage, pricing cases of 1,000 bullets that usually retail for $300 in stores for as much as $1,000 at gun shows and online. While there are indications the frenzied bullet buying may be slowing, no one is able to predict when supplies might return to normal. “It can still get better, but it’s better than it was before,” said Corey Goldberg, who works at Guns and Camo, a small gun shop that opened in Melbourne, FL in November.

Interviews with local gun owners, law enforcement officials and weapons and ammunition dealers frame the situation locally:

• Depending on where one shops, prices have risen and certain types of ammo aren’t available.

• Some retailers are limiting the amount of ammunition they will sell each customer. Others are turning down large orders from law enforcement agencies. At least one Brevard business is buying back ammunition from customers, at a higher price than it sold for.

• Some circles are abuzz about government agencies buying up huge allotments of ammo, contributing to the shortage. That’s not the case.

• Ultimately, what appears to have happened is a “gold rush” mentality that brought on simple supply-and-demand market principles.

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  1. Great post, and a couple of additional points/issues… Talking to a manufacturer’s rep elicited their problems were threefold, primers- now becoming more available, brass- still in short supply (biggest impact is to .22 rounds), and higher than expected volume of orders (as you pointed out). His guess was 6 months before the market would be back at equilibrium. But it seems that some areas of the country ARE getting stocks back in (those that ordered early)… Of course NONE of those are around here… sigh

  2. At least on Gunbroker, prices for 5.56 have been stable, yet high for what I usually look for (Federal XMJ193) – about $400 for 500 since the beginning of the year. Last summer it could be had for less than half that much.

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