Screen Shot 2013-07-15 at 10.15.23 PMFrom the NRA site: This week’s outrage comes to us from a rather unlikely source:  the Google Play app store.  The new app is called the Gun Geo Marker, and encourages users to “geolocate dangerous guns and owners” in their communities.

The app could enable thieves to target and steal firearms from law-abiding gun owners, while conversely advertising that other residences are “gun free” and therefore easy targets for criminals. Read more via NRA-ILA.


I did go to the developer’s website, and they have listed the following guidelines for “Marking” someone as a dangerous gun owner:

Try to keep the following warning signs and guidelines in mind when determining if a local gun owner may present a threat to your children or your community. While the remainder of the guidelines are fairly obvious cases for marking if true, it is important to remain clear headed about your assessment and avoid misunderstandings. Users of the Walkingtools Gun Geo Marker hold the responsibility for the quality of the information the system presents while remaining anonymous so try to be as clear about your concerns as possible.

  1. Unlocked, loaded, or carelessly stored weapons
  2. Dangerous Gun Owners to include 1st time gun owners who have not take a gun safety class.
  3. Places with an unsafe gun culture
  4. Uncertain Situations
  5. The general guideline is that you should mark any location about which you have a gun related concern, while trying to provide enough extra information for others to make their own determination about safety.

There is A LOT more information and suggestion about who to “mark”. The developer’s site spends a lot of time encouraging people to not mark safe gun enthusiasts or safe hunters, but the guidelines (especially the #5 general guideline) outline that anyone could be marked.

What do you think?



3 Replies to “New App “Gun Geo Marker” Targets Gun Owners”

  1. Makes me think of Nazi Germany — the Gestapo can’t be everywhere at once, so the people do much of the dirty work. Imagine if there was an app that allowed you to report people who had no guns, say a “gun free household app,” disguised as something to show others who the “good people” were. I’m sure criminals would like to use that to their advantage.

  2. Where are the apps for the mentally ill? The ethnicity of your choice? The sex of your choice? What about a geo locator for democrats??? Just sayin…

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