Screen Shot 2013-06-26 at 7.57.03 PMI am sure that by now many of you have seen the video of the terrifying home invasion in New Jersey. The video of the mother who was beaten in front of her three year old daughter and then violently thrown down her basement stairs was caught on the “Nanny Cam” in their living room. One moment everything was fine, they were just watching TV – the next moment there was a traumatic scene played out before a small child, and a mother who is lucky to be alive today. (Thanks to America’s SgtMaj for the hat-tip on this video!)

Obviously, I believe every woman should own a gun and learn to use it very well. I do want to use this video to remind everyone that neither owning a gun nor proficiency with a firearm is enough. You can see in this video that things changed so fast for this mother that unless she had her gun within arms length of her (which is more difficult at home with a small child roaming the premises) a gun alone would have done her no good. In order for a gun to have been useful to her, she would have needed some amount of warning that an attack was imminent. I have not heard how her home was secured, or if the door was open. It is summer, and it is common to leave doors and windows open. The air conditioner runs the electricity bill up and so I understand wanting to have natural airflow. In my home I usually leave the front door locked, and open windows (only when I am home) toward the side and back yards. I have two dogs who are either in the house or in the backyard – they let me know when something isn’t right, day or night. They are rather calm sweet dogs, so if they start going too crazy – I always pay attention, usually get my gun if it is far, and then check out what they are concerned with.

The company that made the below infographic with recommendations to make your home less of a target asked me to share it with my readers.  I didn’t want to share the shocking video without balancing with some ideas on how to protect yourself at home.  I am going to start discussing this topic more in-depth in the coming weeks.  Please start making an assessment of how ready you are to respond to a home invasion and then – let’s talk.

You Just Got Robbed Infographic



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  1. I still talk to idiots who think if you don’t have a gun, the bad guy won’t hurt you. They say: “It doesn’t make sense for a person to hurt somebody else if they’re not resisting.”
    Well, I suspect this theory is full of crap. The bad guys belong in a special union where they are required to do evil things to others.

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