Screen Shot 2013-06-09 at 11.48.54 PMI read an opinion piece on a Salt Lake News site. If it was biased in one direction or the other, the author was subtle enough to allow an open minded discussion. It caught my interest, because I can see this really is the only answer. There are so many acts of violence, and too often inexplicable shooting rampages like the one in Santa Monica. While I have been waiting for them to identify the shooter, I had no doubt that when they did, some history of mental illness would be found. In every single mass shooting, the shooter has had serious mental problems, and most have been on SSRI medication as well. We will see if that is true of this Santa Monica shooter in the days to come.

The politicians decide the answer to this is to impose serious regulation upon all of society. If they would spend as much time, energy, and funding trying to fix the mental care health system – ensuring that those who need help have access to help, they might actually impact the violence.

This opinion piece said basically said, as long as the two issues, mental illness and gun violence are entwined, there will never be a solution for either.  They must be dealt with independently – only then is there a chance for change. What do you think?

Read more here:  In our opinion: Keep the issues of gun violence and untreated mental illness separate.



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