Watch this video – a very well spoken 15 year old young lady takes time to support the 2nd amendment.  Thank you to my friend over at “The Mellow Jihadi” for sending this one my way!



2 Replies to “A 15 Year old girl standing up for the 2nd Amendment!”

  1. Although I hail from over the other side of the pond, I like many others have an interest in the gun debate; that in my mind should not even be happening.

    Your hard fought for rights enshrined in law were done so for a reason. I trust the fools who voted for a Socialist President now realise that Liberal thoughts and Socialist actions weaken a nation. Mighty America; Democracy, Capitalism, Fairness. The Land of the Free!
    (Look at France as a prime socialist example, and then work your way through every other Socialist led Government, it all goes down hill).

    Here in the UK, the great champagne guzzling Socialist Labour government leader Tony Blair, took away our rights allowing us to use weapons for sport. Which then allowed the bad guys free access, and a free hand to use the same against us.

    In service I was trained (and have used), every type of weapon from a concealed Walther PPK, through to a 105mm Anti/Tank gun. The only people I hurt were the bad guys.

    I know there is light at the end of your tunnel, it shines brighter every day.

    Yours Aye

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