London (CNN) — A man thought to be a serving British soldier was killed by two armed men in a frenzied attack on a London street Wednesday, in what the government is treating as a suspected act of terrorism.

London terrorist

Witnesses told of a gruesome scene in which the man was hit by a car, then hacked with cleavers and his body dumped in the middle of the road in Woolwich, southeast London.  Go to CNN for more information.

Knowing that the evil exists, yet standing by doing nothing – or worse, removing the right of a person to protect themselves from evil, is evil incarnate. 



2 Replies to “Sadly, terrorists do not need GUNS to create terror”

  1. They didn’t have the balls to take him on face to face, they hit him with the car first, and you’re right not a SOUL did a damn thing to help. And from what I’ve heard, the first Bobbies had to call out the “Special Squad” since they were the only ones with guns. Simply PATHETIC, but this is what the left wants to happen here!!!

  2. Old NFO – I believe your comment “you’re right not a SOUL did a damn thing to help.” is misdirected. Lil C was referring to what the British government does to (not) protect its citizens. You appear to be admonishing the civilians on-scene and I believe that admonishment to be unjust. One lady, totally unarmed of course, hands in her jacket pockets, engaged one of the $h1theads in an attempt to deescalate the attack. Her effort was likely unnecessary but she was there nonetheless. Two or possibly more individuals, again unarmed, placed themselves between the fallen Fusileer and the attackers. That looked like more than “not a damn thing” to me.

    With everything else you said, I agree.

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