women-shooting-gunsLadies everywhere are breaking down stereotypes and taking the steps to learn how to protect themselves. In the article excerpt below, several ladies will inspire you with their positive energy and enjoyment of the sport of shooting, and the invaluable skill of self protection. These stories cannot be told too often, the main stream media forgets that female gun owners are a force to be reckoned with. We are here, we are growing in numbers, and we will not be told how to think as women. We are not weak. We are not afraid. We will do what it takes to care for ourselves and our families.

“It’s true,” Miller said. “It’s very true.”  They’re learning critical tactics, but also breaking down stereotypes and bolstering confidence.

“It’s overcoming something,” said Tracy Maalouf, a physician’s assistant and INPAX student. “Fear, you know women don’t touch guns. Only guys touch guns, so to get to that point where you’re not afraid of the gun.”

“Well, I carry concealed, so just knowing I can draw that gun if I need to and use it accurately and correctly,” said Joanne Herd, an administrative assistant.

“You know, it’s nice to know there’s other women who take the safety of their family as serious as I do,” said Sheri Teoli.

And it’s not just growing in popularity here in Pittsburgh, but across the region. The National Shooting Sports foundation says gun sales to women have grown nearly 73 percent in recent years.

Research shows tragic events often contribute to that, like the elementary school massacre in Newtown Connecticut.

“I think that the Sandy Hook event is what spurred a lot of this current trend,” said Sam Rosenberg with the INPAX Academy of Personal Protection. “We’ve seen such an increase in the desire and demand for security training for everyone, but a lot of women in particular.”

Sheri is so invested that she’s training to be an instructor.

“I think it’s important to be able to do it as a woman to make other women feel comfortable that they can come out and do this,” she said.

“The days of a woman being dependent on a man for protection is long gone,” Rosenberg said.  Read more here.



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  1. Good for all of them, as far as “I” am concerned, EVERY woman/young lady should receive training, once completed receive a pistol of their choice, and a CCW permit good anywhere in the world!

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