IntimidatorI have been writing this blog for nearly two years. When I started, I had mainly been exposed to various handguns, thus the name of my blog. Shortly after I began, I was bitten by the long range bug in a serious way.  If you have been following my progress, you have seen a video of the first time I ever even pulled the trigger on an Accuracy International .308, through experiences out on the range as I learned more each time, through the design and decisions I made for my own long range tactical rifle.

$$$, my rifle mentor, invited me to go with them to my first competition! I am not ready to seriously believe I am going to actually “be” competition for anyone else.  I am going to get the feel of a competition and to see how other teams communicate, what it feels like to be on the clock, to see what I know now and the long list of things I still need to learn.  I think that after this weekend, I will be able to put a lot of things in perspective.  We usually shoot at a farm where I can take all day to dial the scope, acquire the target, ensure I am holding my wind at exactly .7432 mil (ha ha – just kidding), get my breathing right, listen to my spotter tell me to “send it” for the 47th time in the last 12 minutes I have taken to get everything right.  This is going to be a lot different than that, and I am sure that this weekend will exponentially increase my knowledge.

We are going to be shooting at Thunder Valley Precision in Ohio.  One day is “Head Hunter” and one day is “Intimidator”.   I listed the positions and targets from other years below:

Head Hunter Day

  • Pos 1) 342,370,403,526,566
  • Pos 2) 360,349,329,512,521
  • Pos 3) 330,373,418,435,440
  • Pos 4) 423,514,557,600,560


  • Pos 1) 563,950,1165,938, Bonus 1650
  • Pos 2) 552,892,674,795
  • Pos 3) 276,366,587,1048
  • Pos 4) 570,499,704,586

Speaking of “intimidator“, I am really excited to do this, but honestly I am also quite intimidated!  I have not ever entered any firearm competition, but I have to start somewhere.  This is going to be a big adventure, and I will let you know how it goes – the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Here is an example of one of the positions on the Intimidator course.
Here is an example of one of the positions on the Intimidator course.



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