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How many .22lr rounds can you find in this photo? Answer in the comments below!

I recently got a Browning Buck Mark .22 pistol, I love this thing!  You might recall that I have been wanting one for some time.  I can’t wait to take it out and shoot it. I have a friend who let’s me shoot theirs all the time, and I know this may be the perfect .22 – just a great gun. I got it to take my daughter shooting and educate her on the importance and proper use of owning a gun. I have had this gun for about a month now. So, why haven’t I taken her shooting yet?  Can you guess? Only one reason…

I cannot find .22lr ammo ANYWHERE.

Yes some online stores have an extremely limited, extremely overpriced selection. I am not going to pay more for .22s than I pay for .45, no way.

My only guess is that the ammo must be hiding in a Waldo photo somewhere!  Ha ha!! If you have a good trick to find ammo – please share it with us!



44 Replies to “Where in the World has the .22lr ammo gone?”

  1. All the .22 ammo was sold out in the first two hours at the Oaks Gun Show in PA this weekend. The best price was $54 for a brick. I could not get an explanation for the lack of supply.

  2. i see 14 in the picture and no i have not been able to find the .22lr anywhere. I am down to my last 2500 rds so im saving. Funny thing is I can reload my 9mm and 45 so im always good on that (have lots of primers I bought over time )

  3. 22LR has gone to the same place as 223, 22-250, 270,.380, .38, .357 & .357 mag, 30-06, 9mm, 40, 45, 45acp, 45 colt & for some reason 4.10. It’s all been brought up by the DHS. That way, we can still buy guns, just no ammo for them. I even saw some squabbling over bricks of .17 this afternoon.

  4. I too have a Buckmark; I love it! I have been unable to find ammo for months. I’m itching to get to the range!!!!!!!!

  5. CCI (the company) shut down for retooling for 3 months, starting at the beginning of December – BEFORE the Newtown shooting.

    Since virtually every .22lr bullet you find is made with CCI brass…and since .22lr bullets cannot be reloaded…the ammo craze affected .22lr supplies more so than any other caliber of ammunition.

    Allegedly, they’ll reopen this month and can start cranking out brass for .22lr bullets.

  6. The firing ranges local to me have done a good job keeping up their stock for range use (even though their shelves remain empty). Not a bad idea to go to the range, buy a box of 100 .22LR and rent 30 mins of time to fire off a mag or two, then bring the rest home. Sounds silly and expensive, but at least you get to shore up your stock a little at a time. I’ve been doing that with the 9mm Luger that my handguns use, too.

  7. I found a place but I’m not sure if they would in your area, I just hope no one in my area sees this because I don’t want to “shoot myself in the foot” and not be able to find ammo. It’s been disgusting here as it is everywhere.

    Okay, I’ll shut up and suggest 🙂

    Some Army surplus stores are selling ammo at a really good price and the one I found has everything but 9mm and in good quantity too. I was so happy to be able to replenish my stock of ammo after months of not finding anything at all.

  8. I was at the range yesterday, and they had NO ammo in ANY caliber… Totally bare shelves and cases… And yes, it’s ugly…

  9. If you look very carefully in the picture, top right corner, all squinty-eyed, there is one single itty-bitty round there. Wait! It is a round of whiskey. Nevermind. . .

  10. Been seeing CCI 22 shorts, and just missing 22LR at Walmart. Did pick up 350 rounds of 9mm there in two visits this week.

    22LR stays on shelf less than one hour.

  11. Didn’t you hear? Obama is stocking the white house with all the ammo made in the U.S. for the remainder of his term. He’s gonna come and git yer guns and keep all the ammo for himself. He threatened Walmart to stop them from ordering any ammo. He shut down all the firearms manufacturing plants and bought all their stock. He’s hiding it all in bunkers in Colorado. He’s driving around the country in an old Ford van taking diesel pickup performance chips at gunpoint. He’s going to revive the South and reinstate slavery and they’re gonna need some guns! He’s gonna trade all the .22 ammo for food for the troops. He plans on taking the world. Didn’t you hear??? Stock up now. Obama gonna git yer guns! Obama gonna git yer guns! Obama gonna git yer guns!

      1. I, mjust pandering to the emotional needs of the uneducated masses that make up the majority of the posters I see on nearly every website. You know, those who never paid any attention in government class in high school. The ones who have a bunker or plans for a bunker in their back yard when their government check comes. If you have visions of Obama taking your guns, you’ve been hoarding tons of ammo and weapons, you’re a right wing nut-job conservative and you’ve been telling the neighbors you’ll die in the driveway defending your stash then you might be a moron. My post is an example of all of the garbage I’ve heard from the patriots who live by me. When the apocalypse does NOT come next week as scheduled, when you finally realize that nobody is coming for your guns and nobody cares how many years you can survive in your bunker eating cat food and breathing irradiated air, the rest of us will BUY your guns and ammo at the auction when your wife and kids finally get some relief from the craziness and sell it all while you’re sitting in prison for threatening the president because your prejudices override your common sense. What a bunch of MAROONS!

        1. Willie,

          If you dig around this blog a little, I think you will find I am just a normal girl who likes to shoot. I can’t promise you won’t find the type you describe here, but mostly my community is full of kind people interested in learning more about a sport they love and ensuring we retain the liberty this country was founded on. You speak about uneducated people, yet by randomly picking my blog and saying these things, it does not seem that you are open to friendly debate – why wouldn’t you choose instead to educate us? People listen better when they are not being attacked. Hope you are having a great day and glad you took the time to visit!


    1. I get your point I love guns but barely can stand the ignorant right wing born again rhetoric. I say you want no gun laws no government move right down to Mexico see how great life is with no structured government at all and everyone can own full auto Ak’s. But I guess it’s Democrats to blame because god knows we are much better off with the republican party who backs big corporate companies to do anything they want since its all based on the illusional trickle down economics effect. So give the freedom to the big corporate fat cats to dodge tax laws, cut wages, and do away with health benefits and unions yep that’s who I want running the country down to earth crooked ass republicans who want to give big businesses a get out of jail free card. You hate the government and socialized services so much if your house catches on fire grab a garden hose don’t be a freeloader using socialized agencies like the fire department. Wake up America see who the real enemy is here and yeah Democrats aren’t much better but most gun owners play to the puppeteers strings for Fox News and believe all the scare tactics and buy up all the damn 22 ammo store it in bunkers then come out with Obama conspirecy stories to explain the shortage. You can go to to cheaper than dirt right now and buy 500 rounds of 223 ammo for the same price as 22 ammo how is that a conspiracy? I doubt disarming the public of just 22 ammo would do much good if a full government take over of all civil rights was in place. Maybe Obama is a squirlle I saw no real birth certificate maybe he was born in a tree as a squirlle and now by taking 22 ammo away and saving his own kind and soon all squirlles will unite by the hundreds of billions and make us all be slaves to muslim squirlle extremist and forced to gather nuts all day for them, I’m sure fox will have more details soon.

      1. After having to read your ranting I checked the cheaper then dirt web site. They have one type of .22 LR for 79.00 for one box of 100. If your politics are worth as much as your advise on where to get good ammo prices, keep it for yourself. Thanks anyhow.

  12. Today’s story is that Obama is taking all the ammo in the U.S. to Afghanistan and stockpiling it there so he can supply his evil Muslim army in a takeover of the U.S. I heard this one at my favorite outdoor store yesterday. Of course this idiot had a few rotten teeth, a pregnant teenager following him around, unlaced boots and a chain drive billfold. He was giving the clerk the ‘commie Obama’ speech and spewing spittle through his remaining front teeth and complaining that there were no .223 stockpiles that he could get with his food stamps. And they want to ban birth control.

    1. Willie,

      I read that story as well, and I try to stay away from the conspiracies. They might be entertaining to discuss, but I don’t think it helps anything. I am sure you are actually a nice person, if I were to meet you on the street, but you are making a very broad generalization of gun owners in your comments. There are plenty of gun blogs that love to circulate those stories, perhaps it would be more appropriate to pick on them. You are welcome to stay here and debate….


  13. Sorry Lil, I’m just a normal American who did pay attention in school. I’m teaching my girls 9 and 10 to shoot. Because we didn’t panic buy millions of rounds of 22 we have to put up with all this craziness. It’s very frustrating to see my neighbors and a more than a few of the people I thought were my friends go off the deep end and act like they need to be locked up. My girls have a couple of Henry .22 lever action rifles with scopes. They’re great enthusiasts. I do however teach them that they cannot defend their county and state against the drones with their rifles. They’ll have better luck with an education. My neighbor is one of the crazies I’ve mentioned. We’re very worried living near them.

    1. Willie,

      I do understand your frustrations, I cannot believe that even .22 ammo is sold out. No one has discussed banning these small calibers, beyond magazine limitations. This is an example of frenzy buying that happens during any crisis, real or imagined. I just want to take my daughter to the range with our new .22 pistol! I am glad to hear that you are teaching your daughters in such a responsible way, and that they are enjoying it. That truly makes my day! My daughter is almost 17, and has never shot any gun yet. I will share that journey when actually find reasonably priced ammo!

      Hope to talk to you again – and hope you have a great day!!

      1. Here’s the part where Willie is irrational: Millions of Americans are fearful of their government for one reason or another or many reasons. They are panic buying guns and ammo as a result. You can blame all those millions of people or you can blame the few in government.

        Thomas Jefferson said something along the lines of a government afraid of it’s people is liberty and a people afraid of it’s government is tyranny. Well, people ARE afraid of their government.

    2. Willie I see some very ignorant comments in your posts. Your blind faith in our government and whatever laws they wanna pass is ignorant, way to set an example for your children even if they go to “government class”. Your lack of respect for our constitution is disheartening because people like yourself are the ones who will give up your liberties such as the one to bear arms as made clear by your comment saying people who would die for their guns are morons. Of course in a logical mind it makes sense for you to buy an ar-15 if you believe you entitled to the right to own one and they are about to get banned. With this “fear purchase” you would of course by ammo as well. Ar15s are made in about every caliber adding to the ammo shortage. Maybe you sir are the liberal moron. Please keep believing everything you are told and then some. Start with the before stated line.

  14. My thoughts are along the lines of many people want to get into the Ar rifles just because of all the the AR’s being the best selling guns in the US and just want 22’s because they are cheap and ammo was cheap. They shoot more ammo and need a larger stock so no one has ammo now. I think it will be years before the shortage ends. I almost bought a M&P 15-22 for just this reason but gave up on it because of the ammo shortage.

  15. This is another simple case of panic buying and hoarding. It will pass. In the meantime we either have to overpay on the auction sites or wait it out. Luckily I hand load and have enough supplies to last a long time. Just no .22’s. Anyone who shoots should learn to hand load and learn at least some ballistics. Once you find the right load it beats anything off the shelf. I can load 45 colt at 6.50 for a box of 50. .38 special and 357 mag cheaper. The only problem with that is getting primers, but I stocked up after the last shortage ended. Hopefully the .22 shortage will end soon. I do like shooting my .22

  16. Extreme gun enthusiasts always panic when a Democrat wins the presidency, even though a gun ban has to make it through the house and senate too.
    The NRA fans the flames and the panic buying starts….then the Newtown school shooting happens.
    Mass paranoia because we have a democrat in the WH.
    Some moron on gunbroker paid over $800 for a 10 boxes of BULK Federal Champion 525 22LR ammo plus an absurd shipping charge.
    Darwin will weed out the fools who max out credit cards on buying gunbroker ammo and when it blows over on 6-12 months, I’ll buy a brick and take my son to the range again.
    These fools are ruining it for everyone but when they declare bankruptsy, they’ll be more for the sane people!

    1. I have never seen panic buying to this extent until the Obama administration. This is the second time in his term that ammo is nearly impossible to find. It will probably last until his term is over. What people do with their money on gunbroker is their own business. Sportsmans guide is selling one box limit of 50 rds for 18.00 plus 10.00 shipping so its not just gunbrokers its the retailers too. I just bought a box of 550 for 36.00 plus shipping on gunbroker. but thats still twice as much as 3 months ago. The NRA is our loudest voice in Washington. Weather you like them or not you should at least donate a small amount or don’t complain when there is no one fighting the fight on our side in Washington.

  17. Here we are months later and still no .22LR. You can attribute it to frenzy buying, but where is the ammo hitting the retail market? None of my local gun shops are able to get anything but specialty match ammo. Supposedly, big box stores are getting it and selling out, but I have yet to see any in a big box store. Some are holding it to sell when someone purchases a gun, but this does not explain the drastic shortage. I’m not suggesting a govt. conspiracy, but I will not discount it any more than I would discount the manufacturers and suppliers are holding back. Either way, my rifles are sighted in and I will save my ammo until small game season is back in and hopefully will be able to shoot for fun again some day.

    1. I finally bought a brick of .22 from a local Dicks Sporting goods. $24.00 and no shipping costs. Unfortunately 1 box limit per day and they don’t last a day. I find them once in a while at the on line retailers I check every day but usually only a box of 50 limit 1 box so the shipping cost makes it too expensive. Almost all of them have match grade for 17.00 for a box of 50 and another $10 plus for shipping. Thats ridiculous The auction sites are so expensive now they aren’t even worth looking at. So the waiting and hunting continues.

  18. The shortage can’t be due to the AR craze because just about every caliber is effected. I would have thought that the limit by virtually all the retailers would have made a difference by now but it hasn’t.

    1. Here, in Colorado, it seems to go in spurts but mostly it’s hard to find most popular calibers. Usually if stores get them, you have to be there upon opening or else it’s gone, the problem with that is, I work banker hours so it makes it hard to come by.

      1. Sure wish I knew someone who works in a Dicks Sporting goods store right now. Just so I could find out when the deliveries are coming in.

  19. ALL YOU CONSPIRACY LADEN NEO-CONS are responsible for the absence of ammunition. Think about it. In 1967 Remington and Winchester claimed to produce 7 Billion Rounds of .22 Long rifle (alone) annually. That was over 40 years ago – pre-CCI and several overseas manufacturers. SUPPLY AND DEMAND never worked in our Capitalistic America, but it had validity and kept BIG CORPS and DISTRIBUTORS from gouging the public and serving respectable products at affordable prices. BUT, Supply and Demand has turned into SCARE and CONTROL, and ALL YOU Freaking Idiots have bought into it, creating – ALAS, ammo shortfalls and a perpetual genuflection to the ammo distributors who are HOLDING ON TO HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS on behalf of the NRA and other control reak interest groups, BETTING YOU’LL BUY INTO THE GOVERNMENT CONTROL MONGERING! That’s right! The reason we can’t go plink a .22 or take the kids out to shoot cans without dropping two grand is because HOARDING limited distribution based on scaring the public DEPLEATS shelves faster than a Liberal shouting “Gun Control” in a theater! It’s CONSUMER enacted fraud supported by GREEDY BIG BUSINESS Corporations and a “screw thy neighbor” mentality. I passed a corner the other day where on occasion I’d see old codgers with a “Will Work For Food” sign. Now, the same corner had a guy with a van holding a sign that said “AMMO” – I Got .22’s! Not being able to resist, I did a 360 and asked him how he got it and how much? $80 a box for 600 rounds of .22 that he and 5 buddies waited in line at various Wal-Marts at truck delivery time buying as much as possible of every caliber they could, selling them for up to TEN times the amount. No dealers license, No tax license, No selling permit. Illegal to the HILT! And how many criminals are going to stop by a road side stand to get as much as possible? Do the math. This makes me SICK. America…..What have you done to yourself? “I have seen the enemy and the enemy is it is US!

    1. So your saying the manufactures are holding out on behalf of the NRA. That sounds like just another conspiracy theory to me. Also If you think someone was breaking a law, and it sounds like they were, you should have reported them. That was your responsibility as a concerned citizen. We don’t need people like that being associated with us law abiding citizens.

  20. Lots of ignorance on display here. No, CCI does NOT make all the .22’s ferchrissakes. never heard of Federal, Aquila, wolf,, Remington, or Winchester? There’s well over 4 BILLLION rds of .22lr made here or imported here every year. But there’s 50 million + .22 guns here, too. The preppers and hoarders think NOTHING of having 10,000 rds of .22. I personally know dozens who think nothing of having 50,000 rds, actually. 1000 rds of .22’s is nothing, at normal prices, say $50. Take an average, then, of 1000 rds per gun and multiply that times 50 million guns and you need 50 BILLION rds of .22l. even a lousy 100 rds each is 5 million rds. THAT’S where the ammo is going. DHS didn’t buy ANY .22lr, and what they did was buy up a 10 year contract. the WAR is causing massive shortages, because the military ammo is a GURANTEED sale. So the ammo makers take care of the mlitary stuff FIRST.

    1. Don, I love the common sense talk! I did eventually find some, I think I have about 750 rounds right now. You are right, if everyone even has as much as I do – that adds up quick. My daughter and I go shooting quite a bit, and yet we are not exactly burning through our supply. I have been hearing people finding it in stores here an there – hopefully cooler minds will prevail soon! Thanks for stopping by to throw some facts in the mix!


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