Screen Shot 2013-03-28 at 9.08.11 PMSpeaking of Audacity, today the president scolded Congress and the Nation saying, “Shame on us if we’ve forgotten, I haven’t forgotten those kids.”  Mr. President, I have not forgotten them either. Shame on you for assuming that supporting the 2nd Amendment and legal gun owners means our hearts don’t break for those babies and their families.  Shame on Congress for attempting to pass feel-good laws that will do nothing to prevent another spree killer, but instead punish every single gun owner in the country.  Shame on the media for supporting these meaningless bills and politicians.

My conscience is clear.

~Lil Chantilly

I can grieve for the victims of Newtown and continue to fight for our right to bear arms, they are not mutually exclusive. Mr. President, I have not forgotten those kids nor have I forgotten the constitution and the rights guaranteed in the fading ink.



8 Replies to “Mr. President: My conscience is clear”

  1. Bravo, Lil. Unfortunately “the powers that be” who feed our president his one-liners have one goal in mind…. To inflame the masses into a false sense of guilt that will cause them to react to their agenda. I too grieve for those babies. But as we both know guns didn’t cause those senseless murders. He’s using the tragedy of Sandy Hook, surrounded by those devastated Mamas, to push his agenda. Shame on who, Mr. President? Shame on YOU!

    1. Kelly, Thank you for the kind words and affirmation. It is because of this blog and talking to all of you that I KNOW we are not heartless – some of the most caring people in the world love their guns too!

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