Springfield XD(S) with a 5+1 .45 Caliber capacity
Springfield XD(S) with a 5+1 .45 Caliber capacity

I finally got to shoot an XD(S) and wanted to let you know how the experience went! I talk about my XD45 frequently, it was the first gun I ever bought, the first one that was all mine and therefore, it is special to me. When the XD(S) came out, I wanted one to conceal carry for three reasons:

  1. A .45 CCW seems tough!
  2. I already have a love affair with Springfield XDs
  3. I have plenty of .45 ammo.

When I looked at photos of the XD(S) online, it looked really small. When it was in my hand, it did not seem as small as I thought it would. This is because, even though it has a slimmer barrel and a single stack 5 round magazine, we are talking about .45 caliber rounds, which limits how small it can actually be. One of the questions I had before I held one in person was, what is the size compared to a full sized XD45. In the photos below, you can see a direct comparison. The first photo is the XD(S) laying on top of a 5″ XD45.

Screen Shot 2013-03-17 at 11.07.00 PM

The below photo shows the same two guns in side by side comparisons.

Screen Shot 2013-03-17 at 11.36.56 PM

The grip holds the five round magazine, and because it is single stack, it is a little easier for a person with smaller hands to hold. However, my hand also cupped around the bottom of the pistol grip because the grip was so much shorter. Compared to my XD45, this shorter grip seemed to give the gun less to recoil against and I realized that I was going to have to spend a good deal of time working with this weapon if I truly wanted to shoot it well. It was NOT the same as shooting my larger XD45. (As you can see by my surprised expression, in the video below, after shooting the very first round!) It is a little bit “snappy” as well, compared to it’s larger cousin.

Good things do come in small packages sometimes, but is it accurate? Well – not when I am shooting it, not yet anyway! (Ha! Ha!) My friend, who owns this gun, braced himself steady on a bench and took a 102 yard shot, using the factory sights and hit a 6″ plate with little effort. We were watching him take the shot, and I wished I had video taped it – I was impressed! Most defense situations with a CCW will be MUCH MUCH closer range, so this gun can be depended on to go above and beyond.

Watch the below video to see the first few rounds I put through the XD(S). Remember, I do shoot an XD45 as my go to gun — still, this little .45 packed a serious punch!

Depending on who you are and how you plan to conceal this gun, it would be a fine concealed weapon. It is boxy and when loaded, it is surprisingly heavy so you would have to have a belt or clothing strong enough to take the weight. Granted, it would be A LOT easier to conceal than a full sized XD45, but there are plenty of lighter pistols with smoother edges that make conceal a breeze. The best part about this one is that is small enough and it is a .45, plain and simple. I really enjoy this gun, but now I am looking at a Ruger LCP .380 as a possibility for my CCW rather than an XD(S). Although, never say never!



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  1. Nice review! The hubby had mentioned being interested in it, but with my recoil sensitivity, don’t think I’d be able to handle it. Speaking of the LCP, you also might consider the new Ruger LC380 which is basically the LC9 chambered for 380. I’m thinking I would like to try it out, because the hubby’s LCP just seemed to want to fly out of my hands when I shot it…nothing for me to get a hold of and it’s got some punch. I have a Ruger SR9c that I love, but it’s on the large end of the spectrum for concealed carry (especially for a woman) and I live in Florida, so I would need something smaller most of the year with more minimal clothing. That’s why I was looking for something smaller also.

  2. Well said. My #2 son bought a XD 9MM a few years ago. I tried his and compared it to my Glock 17. I traded my Glock in for a XD 45. I carry the XD often, but sometimes I can’t make up my mind what to carry, so I take 2 guns with me. Just bought a Kimber 1911 and can pick her up next week. I’ll have to “fix” a few things on it to get it up to my standards. (I’d prefer a Les Bear, but can’t wait months for one to come in)

  3. I have been looking for a .45 CCW recently to replace the Beretta Nano I typically carry. I generally dislike XDs but the XDS sure feels nice in the hand and it’s acceptably thin. If only it held more than five rounds. I can’t justify trading six rounds of 9mm for five rounds of .45 ACP. Give me more ammo and I’m switching. If I could find a Glock 30S, I might go that route.

    1. You can purchase extended 7rd mags for the XDS but these will increase grip length, good for capacity and grip, bad for concealing. The standard mag alone holds 5rds, with one in the pipe that’s 6 total and .45’s tend to make bigger holes.

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