Screen Shot 2013-03-20 at 10.43.02 PMA number of things have occurred with Dianne Feinstein’s proposed Assault Weapons Ban over the past week.  When I first heard that Senator Harry Reid decided he didn’t have the votes for it and that it would not be part of the Bill he brought to the floor for a vote, I was thrilled.  A couple days before that, one of my favorite BIG gun stores said they hadn’t had lines in a few days.  For one moment, I took a breath and wondered if things were finally going to calm down. The gun grabbers did their very best, rode the most terrible tragedy imaginable like a old broken horse until the whole thing collapsed around them.  Those of us who are steadfast 2nd Amendment supporters are extremely passionate.  The gun control crowd, whose numbers are much less, underestimated the fury that was ignited when they tried to use this horrible tragedy for their own political gain.  Their only chance to take our guns was on the back of such a nightmare.

I believe there are a small percentage who are passionately anti-gun enough to fight, and maybe a little less than 50% of the country is passionately pro 2nd Amendment, and then there is about 30-40% of the people who really don’t care either way – unless you paint gun control within the context of a tragedy like Sandy Hook. The problem is, when you give people time to really think about the constitution, and what the Bill of Rights means – all ten Amendments – most have the presence of mind to realize that if one of them crumbles, they all may fall.

It is very important to realize, this is not over – it will never be over.  Senator Reid decided that he would separate the AWB and the high capacity magazine ban from the Gun Control Bill that will be voted on in about a month on Capital Hill.  Those two initiatives can now be brought as amendments to the Gun Control Bill.  This means that Ms. Feinstein may still get an up or down vote on her AWB after all.

This is very important to me. And I’m not going to lay down and play dead. ~ Dianne Feinstein

Yesterday, Vice President Biden also said on NPR that he has not given up on the Assault Weapons Ban. The Washington Times also reported the Vice President said “The notion that an assault weapons ban doesn’t address the main problem because many more people die from handguns each year is a bizarre argument. No, you are not fixing the problem,” he said. “That is like saying, does it make any sense to ban cigarette smoking while you still have global warming going on? Come on. Does that fix the environmental problem? No. But it saves some people’s lives. Do you say the fact that we took lead out of gasoline? Does that solve the problem? No. It doesn’t. We still have too many emissions going into the air. But it helps.”

Ummm….  That last Biden quote reminded me of the AT&T Commercial with the kids sitting around the table.

If it made sense to you, please enlighten me.  All I know for sure is he, along with Feinstein, are willing to use their last drop of political capital to get their way.

Mayor Bloomberg’s Political Action Committee, Independence USA, has hinted that they will pour funds toward opposing candidates for any Democrat that votes against increased gun laws or the Assault Weapons Ban. This puts some Democrats in a hairy situation, if they vote for the ban, their constituents may run them out of office, and if they vote against the laws, they face the wrath of one extremely wealthy man who wants to dictate every part of your life.  Because of the Bloomberg threat, I believe that some Democrats are hoping there is never a vote so they do not have to enter into the no-win situation.

Here we are, three months after the tragedy that stoked the fires of liberty to a raging inferno. We have lost some battles (NY and CO), and are winning some along the way as well – but this is going to be a long war.  Remain united, do your research, use your voice!  This is still a Representative Republic, which means that if the people we have chosen to represent us are not listening – we can, and will, replace them!



6 Replies to “Dianne Feinstein will keep going and going and going until she gets her Assault Weapons Ban”

  1. excellent points. People need to remember this fight is not over by a long shot. But on the other hand, this AWB is gone for a while. it is not going to pop back up for a while unless the left gaines a huge advantage in the next elections. A lot of the “still going to try” words are indeed meant to placate their most ardent anti gun left wing kook voters. Pillow talk. Of course they will try again at a later date aand have not given up, but some danger has temporarily passed for a short time ( for now) what they are saying and doing now is to save face. the one thing we need to remember is the one thing they want more then gun control. is to be re elected

  2. So, let’s give it to her; an AWB that forbid Diane Feinstein fr om owning or possessing what SHE calls an as assault weapon.

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