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General Amos and Sargent Major Barrett address Marines regarding Sequestration.

(CNN) – United States Marines are being told to preserve ammunition and gasoline as a deal softening the impact of automatic spending cuts continues to elude leaders in Washington.  Marine Corps Commandant James Amos urged personnel in a video posted online Friday to “save every round, every gallon of gas,” and to “take every single aspect or opportunity in training to get the most bang for the buck,” a reminder of the cuts’ immediate effect on the U.S. military.

The Marine Corps and other branches are being forced to cut billions from their budgets as the result of the spending cuts, which were triggered March 1 when Congress and the White House failed to strike a deal reducing the federal debt. In a letter to all Marines dated March 2, Amos said his branch would cut $1.4 billion in 2013 and $2 billion in every ensuing year for nearly a decade.

State-by-state reports produced by the White House indicated the military slashes would be seen in delayed maintenance for military equipment and canceled air shows, along with furloughs for civilian defense personnel. Salaries for enlisted personnel are exempt from the budget cuts.

“This is no time to do business as usual,” Amos said in the video. “Things have changed. The landscape’s changed. We need you to be conservative in the way you do business, I need you to think about conserving our assets, and I need you to become part of the solution as it relates to sacrifice.”

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  1. When I first joined the “real” Army in the mid 70’s, we had no spare parts, little ammo or fuel and as an E4 I got $398 a month before taxes. When I joined the CA Nat Guard in the late 80s, we often had no fuel, no spare parts or tools to do the job…how we’d get it done? we’d pass the hat and get enough cash to fill the 50 gallon fuel tanks on our trucks so we could go train. We thought of having a bake sale. I never saw enough of anything until we deployed. Now that wars are winding down and ending…Washington doesn’t care…so stand by for tight times.

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