Actor in Bloomberg Video
Who is this man?

If you know the name and background of this man, who is currently appearing in the Bloomberg TV ads, please let me know.  They have dressed him in the perfect flannel shirt, with the most beautiful pick up truck, the cute children in the background.  The only thing they forgot to do was have him point his weapon in a safe direction, remove his finger from the trigger, and demonstrate that his weapon is safely unloaded.

Do you think this man is truly a gun owner, do you think he actively supports the 2nd Amendment?



8 Replies to “Do you know the actor in the Bloomberg TV Commercial? Let me know!”

  1. He is nothing but a paid shill. He wouldn’t have a clue what a real gun was even if you gave him step by step instructions. See and they did those ads like that on purpose to show that gun owners have no clue….and are all stupid enough to put their finger on the trigger around small kids.

  2. A hunter? This dude looks more like zombie fodder on The Walking Dead. If he’s a professional actor, his career’s probably over thanks to Bloomberg.

  3. Well to his credit, he isn’t any dumber than Diane Fienstein who had her finger on the trigger and pointed an AR all around a room of people while speaking off the top of her head. Geesh! Do they really think they are going to convince fellow hunter/sportsmen/ gun enthusiast that this guy has any credibility whatsoever????

    1. Suzy, love this comment! I do not want to see the person who stoops below her level! I agree about the rest, there are so many things wrong with the commercials. Mainly to know that man is Bloomberg’s vision of the “average” gun owner.

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