20130126-113032.jpgJust over a month after Groupon decided to turn it’s back on responsible gun owners – they have fired their CEO, Andrew Mason.  Every article I read on the topic says he was running the business into the ground and had been for several quarters. By all polls I have seen, American gun owners make up nearly half of the people in the country. Does it make sense, if a company is having such a negative run, to walk away from such a massive part of the population?  What was Andrew Mason thinking?  He surely must have known the board of directors was considering his removal as CEO even as he went forward with the decision to end all gun-related deals.  Perhaps he was listening to the media who only tout gun-control slanted stories and thus, may have tried to ride a wave of public support to new success on the backs of Diane Feinstien and Bloomberg and Cuomo.

Andrew Mason – you could have gone the other way, and decided you were going to increase support gun range deals, increasingly advertise to strong 2nd Amendment supporters.  Now – THAT may have given you an uptick.  Those of us who love our guns are FAR more enthusiastic about the topic and will remain so.

Good luck to you, you live and you learn from your mistakes.  Your parting letter was kinda funny though!

Here is some of the news article from FORBES:

Groupon’s board did the right thing about two years too late. While Mason’s departing comments suggest he has a future as a comedian, its bad business model cost IPO investors 77% of their investment through February 28. And since 2008, Groupon  — it offers daily deals on services ranging from pumpkin-picking to skydiving — has lost $905 million on revenue of $4.5 billion.Is Mason related to comedian Jackie Mason? This came to mind in reading his remarks after Groupon’s board made him walk the plank. As Mason wrote to his employees, “After four and a half intense and wonderful years as CEO of Groupon, I’ve decided that I’d like to spend more time with my family. Just kidding – I was fired today.”Mason continued in his farewell letter to highlight some of the reasons the board gave him the boot. He explained, “From controversial metrics in our S1 to our material weakness to two quarters of missing our own expectations and a stock price that’s hovering around one quarter of our listing price, the events of the last year and a half speak for themselves.”But the most interesting part to me is his exhortation to the employees who remain at Groupon. He urges them to “have the courage to start with the customer. My biggest regrets are the moments that I let a lack of data override my intuition on what’s best for our customers.”  Read more here: Groupon Fires Its CEO, Andrew Mason – Forbes.



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