As many of you know, I am in the Navy – and one thing the military does is “exercise” responses to various events. This may be in the form of Carrier Strike Groups practicing flight ops during controlled emissions (EMCON) or it might be a larger Joint Task Force (JTF) practicing various Operational Plans. Today, there was some type of “Law Enforcement Exercise” on my base. I was not specifically involved in this exercise.  As part of their activities, the entire command was e-mailed the below brochure with tips on how to respond if we found ourselves in a active shooter situation like the Sandy Hook Elementary School or the Theater Shooting in Aurora, Colorado. The brochure was prepared by the Department of Homeland Defense. 

On a Navy Base, most people would not be allowed to carry guns for personal protection. Only base security forces like gate guards and base police would normally have weapons readily available.

Active shooter 1

Active shooter 2

What do you think of the tips found on these cards? Do you agree with them?What would you do differently?  How would these apply if you were in a grocery store or out on a city street where we might have our concealed carry weapon on us?



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  1. Leave your belongings behind is bad most likely this would include your phone and anything you might have that could be considered a weapon if needed including being able to clock the bad guy upside the head with your purse if need be. Picking the victims at random no they will shoot all in their way which means it isn’t random just rage.

  2. When I contacted a “military” base and asked the security folks about me as a retired cop retired NCO being able to carry on their base.
    Response: “well sir, you’d have to register your weapon with the base, and before you come on, you have to unload it and put it in the trunk of your car.”
    I asked if they had a clearing barrel I could use at the gate and the dude didn’t know what I was talking about. So I asked him where I was supposed to unload it so I didn’t freak people out.
    He had no answer. I asked what I’d do if I had several guns I wanted on the list…and he had no answer.
    so, I decided I didn’t really need to go to the PX…since stuff is cheaper at Wal Mart anyway

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