Screen Shot 2013-02-10 at 8.28.58 AMOne of my favorite You Tube Channels is “Mr. Colion Noir’s” You Tube Channel. He frequently has the most well spoken, well thought out arguments in support of the 2nd Amendment that I have ever seen. Also, a lot of pro-gun blogs are more rural in their focus, even though much of what they teach and show can be applied across all living arrangements.  Mr. Noir is all Urban, his channel is a good resource for figuring out how to live a solid pro-gun life while still enjoying all the city has to offer.

This particular video caught my attention today because Mr. Noir brings up points I have wondered about myself regarding not only about inner-city violence, but also how one demographic who has already had so much suffering at the hands of the government can just turn a blind eye now.  How can some of today’s leaders, including President Obama, Al Sharpton, Jessie Jackson, or today’s celebrities, including Bill Cosbythe NFL greats in Bloomberg’s commercial, or Chris Rock actually lobby for increased gun control?



2 Replies to “Given the history of race in this country, why are black leaders anti-gun?”

  1. It’s because a lot of gun violence is largely associated with the black gang culture, and a handful of black pundits and celebs are trying to appear responsible as well as faithful to their largely Democratic base. They also think that can solve social problems by controlling guns. Anyone with half a brain can study other countries who have instituted social engineering by way of strict gun bans, and see very clearly that it has never worked.

    Chris Rocks statement on gun control was one of the most inarticulate to date. He was clearly very uncomfortable even talking about it, and got off the stage as fast as he could. These people are not experts on gun violence at all.

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