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Tuesday evening in OAK HARBOR, WA at the city council meeting City Council meeting, dozens of people attended carrying guns. The guns were mostly open carried as a protest to a meeting that had occurred on the 15th of January.  During that meeting, an US Army Veteran, Lucas Yonkman, came to listen to the discussion as the council was considering a repeal the city law that banned guns at parks and the marina. Lucas decided to voice his opinion during the time allotted for citizen feedback.  He stated his opinion is a very straight forward, polite, professional manner, I was impressed. Watch the below video to see what happened next, one of the council members, Rick Almberg, tried to bring a motion to have Mr. Yonkman disarmed right there at the meeting.  Mr. Almberg’s motion failed, and he immediately left the meeting in protest.  The video is great – the Mayor of Oak Harbor, Scott Dudley, gives a stirring talk about the oath to uphold the constitution that  upon which most elected officials are sworn in.

On Tuesday night, at least a dozen people, mostly men, came openly carrying pistols strapped to their belts. An unknown number had concealed weapons, as an overflow crowd of 160 filled three rooms at City Hall on Tuesday night. They saw the City Council unanimously repeal an ordinance that bans guns from city parks and the marina. State law allows guns in these locations, and the pro-gun Second Amendment Foundation had threatened to sue if the city’s rules remained at odds with the state’s.

Well done Oak Harbor, Well done!




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