Gabrielle Giffords holding an AK-47 during a trip to Afganistan
Gabrielle Giffords holding an AK-47 during a trip to Afghanistan

Yesterday on Twitter, the #doitforgabby was trending.  This was undoubtedly started by her new organization, Americans for Responsible Solutions.  I know for a fact that NO ONE who is Pro-gun is against Gabby Giffords, she went through a horrific experience and has emerged a champion. What I noticed on twitter were Pro-Gun Tweeps using the tag, #doitforgabby, and finding additional items that Gabby and her husband could focus on to keep these horrors from continuing.  So now, tell me – what would you do to make keep these mass shootings from happening?  Tell me, and let’s #doitforgabby.



2 Replies to “What can we do to make the world a better place for Gabby Giffords?”

  1. [_]3 … just enforce the existing laws, work on getting better mental health service, addressing violence in our society, and making individuals responsible for their actions. Just a suggestion.

    How about a committee that established who recommendations must be excepted or rejected by Congress and President? Only there can be no politicians on it and made of equal numbers anti-guns and pro-guns experts for law enforcement, mental health, gang violence, school security and others selected by lottery.

    Just thinking out loud.

    1. I am against anyone who wants more gun laws. More laws will not stop crazy people from doing bad things. Alcohol prohibition did not stop alcohol from being made and actualy created more violence. Limiting High capacity magazines will not reduce crime either, most gun murders are done with revolvers. It is terriable that innocent people are killed with guns but many more are killed with , hammers,bats and other heavy objects.

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