I am surprised that no one has suggested rewriting or amending the 2nd Amendment. That is until now. I just saw this in the Baltimore Sun:

“Amid all this frenzy to pass more gun laws which will probably not be enforced (there are already an estimated 430 gun laws per state), how come no one suggests amending the Second Amendment to apply to an era with much more crime?

Are lawmakers, officials and citizens afraid of an extremely biased end product, or is the amendment process too slow for an instant gratification society?”

The real reason is because they probably can’t even get this Bill passed. They would never get a revision through Congress, let alone through all the required states. Now THAT would be political suicide!



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  1. What leads anyone to believe this era has more or less crime than any other era? Crime has been a consistent presence as long as there has been society. Every generation seems to act like they are the first to experience things, but in fact our era may have much less crime due to more effective law enforcement and prevention than past eras had. We have mass media for publication and awareness of crimes like previous generations never had, and we have greater reporting of crime by the victims, but I think we may have the same level of crimes as ever….The US constitution is remarkable because of it’s resiliency and foresight in applying to all the years since it was written. There is no drastic change today that would rationalize a change in the 2nd amendment. When our society is without crime or conflict and our world is without war then we may want to amend the constitution and proverbially ” beat our swords into plowshares, and our spears into pruning hooks…”

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