Screen Shot 2013-01-16 at 5.47.19 AM“On Wednesday, when Obama makes his long-awaited announcement of proposals to reduce gun violence, he will be joined by Grant, Tajeah and other children from across the U.S. who expressed their concerns about gun violence and school safety to the one person they think can make a difference: the president.

The White House shared three such letters with The Associated Press, from young writers who seemed to agree that Obama should do what’s necessary to make it harder for people to get guns.

Obama has spoken in favor of banning assault-style weapons, limiting high-capacity ammunition magazines and requiring background checks for every gun buyer.”  Read more via The Associated Press: In letters, children ask Obama to change gun laws.

This entire gun fiasco was started from the deaths of tiny first graders in Newtown, CT.  Most of the politicians who are rushing these gun control measures into law already planned to do so, and then the Sandy Hook tragedy gave them the platform on which they could stand to make their dreams a reality.  Now, law after law will be signed by our elected leaders, while the apathetic country sits by nodding their head, “Oh yes, this is surly necessary, it is for the children after all.” Some will say, “Oh, if it saves the life of just one child, I will gladly give up my liberty.”

I do not want to know a world where my children, my daughter, my son, cannot protect themselves. I do not want to know a world where they are defenseless against whatever evil may come.

Stand on the platform provided to you by the murder of the Sandy Hook Children, Mr. President, read letters from children around the country, make your announcement in front of a group of adorable youngsters, all while you take away liberties their young minds cannot even comprehend.



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