The folks at conducted a part 2 to the unscientific test I shared with you a couple months back. I had asked them if they would try some .45ACP in their experiment, and they did.  Please read their article, and let me know what you think.  What steps in your planning have you taken due to the reality that your rounds will penetrate walls and furniture?

You can find their article here:  What is “Cover” in the Home? (Part 2) by Loose Rounds.



2 Replies to “What is “Cover” in the Home? (Part 2) by Loose Rounds”

  1. Yep, I’m using the bookcase for cover… And I use both a .45 and Mossy with #4buck for home defense. It’s ALL about know the safe ‘angles’ for what is behing the target too.

    1. I remember you saying that about your bookshelf before, then I heard that kids with backpacks filled with text books could use them for shields. I am thinking we all need giant libraries in our homes – just for defense!

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