Screen Shot 2012-12-18 at 10.31.58 PMI just read that beginning this week Walmart customers can only buy three boxes of ammunition per day. This new policy includes all types of ammunition. The Walmart spokesman says the ammunition policy will be in effect until further notice.

A spokesman was quoted as saying “We are trying to take care of as many customers as possible because supply is limited at this time.” He said  Walmart stores are monitoring supply issues daily and will address purchase limits once supply issues are resolved. Read more here.

I did send an inquiry into Corporate Walmart for a response to verify this is correct.  I will let you know what I find.



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  1. Not surprising, if true. MidwayUSA has been limiting magazine purchases for weeks for the same reason. Truth is, which is worse: being limited to three boxes, or getting to the store only to find that someone else cleaned the shelf?

  2. A gun shop near me that caters to law enforcement has a 200 round/month policy. I can’t blame WalMart for restricting quantities until supply catches up.

  3. I sent a reply to Wal-Mart after the rumors about them not ordering ammo any more.
    They replied with-in three minutes and said they will continue to support our sporting needs as they have in the past. The issue is supply and demand, the stock is selling out quickly, rationing the supply if that’s what they are doing is reasonable under the current situation. I would prefer more citizens have some ammo than a few have a ton.

  4. Our local gun shop has a five box per caliber per day limit. And a 200 rd daily limit on rimfire ammunition. Of course I visited my local shop on several consecutive days. 😉 They are however out of all those “scary” rifles and regular capacity magazines are sold out also.

  5. The Army & Air Force Exchange (AAFES) also instituted a two boxes per purchase limit for most ammo. The clerk said one reason was due to limited availablity, and the other is because AAFES wan’t raising their prices, and they found out people were buying 10 – 20 boxes of ammo and walking out the gate to the local pawn shop and selling them for up to twice what they had just paid on base. Got to love the free market.

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